Is Google+ for you?

Google+ is still very new, but it’s a big deal in the online world right now, especially amongst journalists. Some people are saying it’s the fastest-growing social network ever and it poses a threat to both Facebook and Twitter.

On, you can read about five ways journalists are using Google+, namely:

But for freelancers in particular, Google+ opens up other opportunities. Here are a few:

One thing we love about Google+ is that it’s a social network that lets freelancers comfortably wear their many hats. As it gains in popularity other functions will emerge that can benefit freelancers, but, for now, whether you think Google+ is a fad or it’s here to stay, we can’t see any harm in trying it out.

[Note: Google+ is still in its “field trial” stage, and so you need an invite to join. Anyone already signed up can send you one, so if you’re interested in trying it out, ask your network. If you don’t mind the irony, you could even ask your Twitter followers or Facebook friends for an invite.]

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