Google+ for writers

So I’ve been thinking a lot about Google+ lately. I’m not happy about this. It’s a site I’ve been trying to ignore for two years now. I mean I’m barely keeping up with Twitter, and my LinkedIn page is a poor, stunted thing. Do I really need another social media site to neglect? But last […]

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Google brings eBookstore to Canada

Watch out Amazon and Kobo, Google wants its slice of Canada’s ebook retail market. Google’s eBookstore is now open to Canadian customers, offering hundreds of thousands of books for sale and upwards of 2 million free public-domain titles. Google has already struck deals with Canadian publishers big (Penguin, Random House, and Harper Collins) and small […]

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Is Google+ for you?

Google+ is still very new, but it’s a big deal in the online world right now, especially amongst journalists. Some people are saying it’s the fastest-growing social network ever and it poses a threat to both Facebook and Twitter. On, you can read about five ways journalists are using Google+, namely: Talking about Google+ […]

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“Web 3.0 is the era of experts — not writers”

The above quote is from CEO Jason Calacanis of, a “learn anything” site that repurposes content from around the web. When he began his venture, he reportedly said that the site wasn’t reliant on Google, and that he could build a loyal base of visitors without it.

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