Letter from CP Ottawa bureau workers expresses anger, disappointment over contract negotiations

Our post earlier this week about the contract negotiations between the Canadian Media Guild, on behalf of its members, and The Canadian Press focused on what both those bodies are asking for, but what about the employees and their voice in all this? More than two months into negotiations, and after the recent appointment of […]

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The Canadian Media Guild fights on behalf of its members in negotiations with The Canadian Press

When the company you’re negotiating with starts off by calling its financial situation “dire,” it’s probably safe to assume you’re in for a long and bumpy ride. That’s the message that the Canadian Media Guild heard from to The Canadian Press late last year, when it began negotiating with the company on behalf of its […]

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A call for federal support for writers’ and arts workers’ benefits plans

In the video above, Susan Swan, novelist, journalist, and former chair of the Writers’ Union of Canada, discusses the Writers’ Coalition Benefits Program, which offers affordable drug, health, and dental care insurance to writers. The Writers’ Coalition’s latest initiative, coinciding with the federal election, is a campaign to get Ottawa to commit to provide $1 […]

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CMG freelancers score access to health/dental benefits

Members of the freelance branch of the Canadian Media Guild can now enroll in group medical and dental benefits through the Writers Coalition.

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A new benefits program for writers

A new benefits program is available to writers who are members of a dozen organizations, including the Canadian Writers Group.  The program is administered by ACTRA Fraternal. The great thing about this program is that premium rates don’t go up the more you use your benefits, which is what happens with commercial insurers. That’s because ACTRA […]

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