Saint John Seven end strike, MBS Radio begins lock-out

The seven unionized workers at MBS Radio in Saint John, New Brunswick called an end to their 686-day strike last week. Their employer responded with a lock-out notice, saying they will not be allowed to return to work without a collective agreement. The Saint John Seven joined the Canadian Media Guild in 2011 and spent almost a […]

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Striking workers on the air with Radio Free Saint John

After nearly a month on the picket line, the seven striking employees of MBS Radio have been back on the air for the past few days. The striking members of the Canadian Media Guild are broadcasting from a web-based station called Radio Free Saint John, playing music as well as using the internet airwaves to […]

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Fighting private radio’s “culture of fear”

The employees of MBS Radio in Saint John just want a contract. Watch the video, read about the Canadian Media Guild’s negotiations with Maritime Broadcasting System on behalf of its employees, follow the campaign on Facebook and if you’re inclined to lend your support, send a message to MBS Radio owner Robert Pace. Via

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Study this! Even more reasons to join a union, from a librarian

You’ve seen it here before. We’re not shy about our support for unions, and whether it’s the Born Freelancer explaining why unions are boss or a fun video from the Canadian Media Guild demonstrating the sticky situations that unprotected workers find themselves in, we’re glad to share. We can write about reasons to join a […]

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Fun, retro-style video from CMG drives home reasons to join a union

For those not yet convinced, this video commissioned by the Canadian Media Guild/CWA Canada cheekily illustrates a few good reasons to join a union. Produced by MyFilm Productions, with music by Incompetech, the narrative centres on “Jenny,” who is excited to start her new job, only to discover that she was hired to replace a […]

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Letter from CP Ottawa bureau workers expresses anger, disappointment over contract negotiations

Our post earlier this week about the contract negotiations between the Canadian Media Guild, on behalf of its members, and The Canadian Press focused on what both those bodies are asking for, but what about the employees and their voice in all this? More than two months into negotiations, and after the recent appointment of […]

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The Canadian Media Guild fights on behalf of its members in negotiations with The Canadian Press

When the company you’re negotiating with starts off by calling its financial situation “dire,” it’s probably safe to assume you’re in for a long and bumpy ride. That’s the message that the Canadian Media Guild heard from to The Canadian Press late last year, when it began negotiating with the company on behalf of its […]

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Final decision handed down in latest Robertson class action suit

For better or worse, the ongoing series of “Robertson v. _____” cases continues. On May 2, a final decision was handed down in the case of “Robertson v. Proquest, Cedrom, Toronto Star Newspapers, Rogers and Canwest.” (This decision comes after a tentative settlement reached this January.) Heather Robertson and Kirk Baert of the firm Koskie […]

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Survey of HuffPo bloggers finds they want to be paid

In a shocking revelation, a study of Huffington Post bloggers by researchers at UC Santa Barbara’s Carsey-Wolf Center—which included analyzing 500 press clippings about AOL’s $315-million acquisition of HuffPo and a survey of HuffPo’s most frequent contributors—found that they think they deserve to be paid for their labour, which requires their time, effort, and numerous […]

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Greek journalists — all of them — go on strike

Since the Greek government undertook austerity measures to begin to deal with its cripping debt, strikes in the country have become a regular occurrence. While we over in North America are used to the idea of work stoppages in areas like education, garbage collection, postal services, and transit, the idea of the entire country’s media […]

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