CMG submits application for Vice Canada union

The Vice Canada union campaign reached an important milestone last week — the Canadian Media Guild filed for certification with the Canadian Industrial Relations Board. The labour board now needs to confirm that the union has support from at least 40% of employees. After that, the board will call for a vote. Employees who haven’t yet signed a union […]

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Freelance Rates Rising at CBC/Radio-Canada

The Canadian Media Guild and CBC have agreed to an across-the-board wage increase of 1.5% for 2016-17.  This increase is also applicable to all the minimum rates applicable to Freelance Contributors. The increase is effective April 1st and the new rates should be posted at and within the next couple of days. The one exception is the […]

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Vice freelancers: The CMG wants to hear from you

If you’re a regular freelancer for Vice Canada, the Canadian Media Guild would like to hear about your experiences and working conditions. CMG organizer Karen Wirsig is involved in the Vice Canada unionizing drive that began late last year. She says Vice employees have told her they’re concerned about how freelancers are treated by the company. […]

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Vice Media workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your unicorn!

By Errol Salamon This post is the second in a series called “E-Lancer Writes,” exploring the working conditions, rights, and collective organizing strategies of freelance journalists, interns, and other low-wage or temporary digital media workers. Workers at Vice Media are leading efforts to unionize digital media workplaces. These efforts have spread internationally from the United […]

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CMG launches union drive at Vice Canada

Young media workers have no problem understanding the benefits of unionization, say the organizers behind Vice Canada’s union drive. “Precarity of labour is a fact for most young people,” says Tannara Yelland, a former Vice employee who is currently working as a temporary organizer with the Canadian Media Guild. “When you work in media, even if you have […]

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Vancouver social for factual TV workers

If you’re in Vancouver and work in factual television, you’re invited to a social gathering and information session hosted by the Canadian Media Guild next week. Come and enjoy a drink and some snacks and learn more about the CMG’s campaign for fairness in the factual television industry. The event is scheduled for next Thursday, October 1st, […]

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Digital newsrooms moving towards unionization

It’s been a big summer for unions and new media. The past few weeks have seen a string of stories about digital media workers organizing — employees at Gawker, Salon, Vice and The Guardian US have all voted to unionize since the beginning of June. This week, BuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti told his employees that he doesn’t think unionizing would […]

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Independent media is the heart of a democratic society

by Amanda Stewart On June 23rd, the Hamilton Independent Media Awards hosted a discussion panel at the Central Public Library in downtown Hamilton on the importance of independent media within a democratic society.  The panel consisted of Michelle Both — managing editor of Unpack Magazine; Luz Hernandez — director of La Presencia Latina; Ryan McGreal […]

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New CMG video promotes Guide to Working in Canadian Factual TV Production

The Canadian Media Guild released a new video today to promote a factual TV industry guide produced in collaboration with Canadian factual TV workers. The Guide to Working in Canadian Factual TV Production offers information and advice to people working in non-fiction, reality, documentary and lifestyle television. CMG organizer Karen Wirsig says the guide was first […]

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Online courses and workshops for activists

Do you have an interest in activism? Are you a member of CMG Freelance? Our members are eligible to apply for a couple of upcoming training courses and workshops. The first is a six-week online course offered by the Canadian Labour Congress. It’s designed to help young workers develop leadership and organizing skills and give them […]

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