A note from the departing Story Board editor

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a decade, but I became the editor of Story Board in July of 2012. I was fully freelance at that point, fitting writing assignments in between snack time, loads of laundry, school drop-offs, and all of the other work involved in raising two small children. Now, after nearly […]

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CBC Freelancers: Sign a union membership card before March 12 and be entered to win a prize

The Canadian Freelance Guild is proud to partner with the Canadian Media Guild Freelance Branch, our colleagues in providing services to freelance communicators in Canada. CMG Freelance represents all freelancers who provide services to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). If you have freelanced for CBC in the last 12 months, you are eligible to become a member […]

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New Association Formed to Represent Canadian Media and Communications Professionals

January 16th, 2020 The membership of the Professional Writers Association of Canada has resoundingly voted to amalgamate with the independent membership of the Canadian Media Guild Freelance Branch to form the Canadian Freelance Guild. This new association, totalling close to 400 members, will be founded within CWA Canada, the oldest and only all-media union in […]

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CMG Freelance On the Move

My fellow members, as of 2020, the independent membership portion of the Canadian Media Guild Freelance Branch will be moving to a new home at our parent organization, CWA-Canada. This move will give our group more autonomy to run our own affairs while at the same time preserving the benefits we currently enjoy from being […]

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CMG election information for CBC freelancers

The Canadian Media Guild Freelance Branch is reminding any freelancer who has completed any freelance contract since January 1st, 2019 for CBC/Radio Canada that you are eligible to sign a membership card in CMG and vote and/or run in the upcoming CMG union-wide elections. Your contract must be either a: freelance specific services, freelance contributor, […]

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Vocal Fry Studios hosts podcast events in Toronto

Podcasting is here to stay. All you need as evidence of that is the success of independent podcasting companies such as Toronto’s Vocal Fry Studios. Vocal Fry has a busy couple of weeks ahead with several community and educational events on their calendar, and CMG Freelance is proud to be playing a part in some of them. […]

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TORONTO: PWAC and CMG Freelance Together Again!

CMG Freelance President Don Genova and PWAC President Doreen Pendgracs cordially invite all members of both associations in the Greater Toronto Area to join them at a ‘cross-pollination’ mixer on Wednesday, October 30th. Where: Pogue Mahone Pub and Kitchen, 777 Bay St., Toronto (use the College Street entrance for the pub, just a short walk […]

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The Expert Panel on Modern Federal Labour Standards

by Don Genova In early May I was asked, in my role as president of the Canadian Media Guild Freelance Branch, to participate in an exercise called ‘The Expert Panel on Modern Federal Labour Standards’, a panel sponsored by the federal government aimed at reviewing and updating working conditions within any federally-regulated workforce. The panel […]

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CMG Freelance tax time advice

Spring has sprung! And that means it’s tax time. CMG Freelance president Don Genova has a special offer that will help you learn everything you need to know about running your freelance business. Watch his latest video update. For more information on the costs and benefits of membership, check out this page on the CMG […]

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Freelance at the CBC? You may be eligible to vote on the new collective agreement.

CMG-CBC agreement – Freelance workers eligible to vote From Tuesday, March 26 to Thursday, March 28, Canadian Media Guild (CMG) members working at CBC/Radio-Canada will have the opportunity to vote on the tentative agreement reached between our union and the Corporation. The vote will take place online using our electronic voting system. In order to […]

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