Expanding your freelance portfolio

By Sandra Phinney I’ll never forget the day I announced to my husband, “Barrie, I’m going to be a freelance writer.” The look on his face was priceless. You see, 19 years earlier I’d said, “Barrie, I’m going to be a farmer.” That actually happened; I grew 10 acres of organic fruit and vegetables—before the […]

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Freelance Business Basics

By Sandra Phinney Sometimes we get so caught up looking for markets, doing research and interviews, sending queries, or writing our stories that we fail to take care of basic business housekeeping items. The result can be everything from being disorganized and overwhelmed, to missing opportunities that can actually improve our bottom line. Here are […]

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Business Skills for Your Arts Career weekend workshop

Edit (May 8, 2015): Members of CMG Freelance and other organizations affiliated with AFBS have so far had exclusive access to this workshop. However, as of Monday May 11, registration will be opened to the general public for a registration fee of $80. Click here for registration info. —– The business side of a creative career can […]

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