Take the Writers’ Union of Canada’s 2018 income survey

Canada’s national organization of professionally published book authors is conducting a survey of authors’ incomes. It’s designed to try and help the union understand how current industry conditions are impacting writers’ incomes. Responses to the survey are anonymous. There are questions about employment status and earnings during the 2017 calendar year. If you’ve had a […]

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B.C. freelancers invited to participate in Vancity survey

Vancity is interested in learning more about the changing nature of work. If you live in B.C. and are a freelance, contract or independent worker, you’re invited to participate in the survey the credit union is conducting to try and understand the effect of self-employment on British Columbians. The survey takes about ten minutes to complete […]

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Member survey: What social media training do you need?

CMG Freelance is planning a day-long social media workshop in Vancouver with Katt Stearns, recipient of the 2015 Canadian Digital Marketer of the Year Award. Katt can help you focus your social media energies in the most efficient way possible. But we want to know what you really need help with the most…and if you’d come to our workshop in March! […]

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Journalism interns: Share your experiences!

Did you work as a journalism intern at a media company in Canada or the United States between 2013 and 2016? Researcher Errol Salamon would like to hear about your experiences. He’s working on a research project on journalism internships, and is interested in hearing about what was beneficial and what could have been improved about your […]

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New Beats journalism job loss survey

Two Canadian university professors are conducting a survey that aims to find out more about what happens to journalists in Canada when they lose their jobs. Dr. Nicole Cohen and Dr. Andrea Hunter are working with a team of Australian researchers in an effort to gain insight into “the dynamics of restructuring in Canadian media.” If you’re […]

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Survey on contemporary journalism in Canada

Three professors and media researchers are conducting a national survey to gather information about current conditions in Canadian journalism. Professors Edward Comor and James Compton of the University of Western Ontario, along with Nicole Cohen, assistant professor at the University of Toronto Mississauga, are conducting the anonymous and confidential survey to collect information that will aid in “shaping […]

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Survey on freelance business journalism raises more questions than it answers

Are journalists who write about money making more of it than they used to? According to a recent survey, the answer is: maybe? The Society of American Business Writers and Editors has conducted its second annual survey of freelance business journalists in the U.S., and the results tell us….well, not much. The online survey asked […]

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Canadian Magazine Freelancers Survey: The results

The big day is here! Tonight, the National Magazine Awards will be handed out at the annual awards gala, where Canada’s journalists will sashay down the red carpet in their designer duds and borrowed gems from Tiffany’s, wave to the screaming crowds and pose for the paparazzi, stopping now and then to sign their fans’ […]

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Taking stock: what have previous freelancer surveys uncovered?

Keeping track of what’s happening in the media field is of benefit to everyone, whether you’re on staff, in management, or a freelancer. When negotiating terms for your own work, knowing industry standards and how other freelancers are faring is essential. And when collective action is called for, having hard data to back up your […]

Take the Canadian magazine freelancers survey

Gearing up for the NMAs this month, we thought a survey on the state of magazine freelancing in Canada was in order. It’s also a chance to take your own picks for the best work in Canadian magazines last year (see the NMAF’s list of nominees). Results of the survey will be published here on Friday, June 10, the date of the NMA gala.

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