45 Years of This Magazine Covers

Screengrab from the This covers archive.

Whether you’ve read it, written for it, or, gasp, have done neither, This Magazine‘s collection of 45 years’ worth of cover designs is worth browsing. From the very first This Magazine is About Schools in April 1966 up to its current 45th anniversary issue, watching the look of the magazine change over the years, as its content evolved also, is a fun exercise. Read editor-in-chief Graham F. Scott’s thoughts on the magazine’s evolution and the special anniversary issue, for which the magazine asked 45 former contributors to “suggest a person or organization they believe is doing important or innovative work, whether in politics, art, activism, academia, or any other field.” Those profiles will eventually be available here, but we think picking up an issue from the newsstand, or getting a print subscription, is a better way to help the magazine celebrate its birthday.

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