‘Bit of fun’

Yes, freelancers can throw themselves a summer party. Here’s how.

This article is written by Vanessa Chiasson, a freelance writer based in Ottawa who specializes in travel and human interest stories. The first time I threw myself a business party, I didn’t go all out. In fact, my entire expenditure was about seven dollars, the cost of a latte and a Christmas sugar cookie. It was […]

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The Born Freelancer on Why We Do What We Do

This series of posts by the Born Freelancer shares personal experiences and thoughts on issues relevant to freelancers. Have something to add to the conversation? We’d love to hear from you in the comments. Why do we do what we do? And why do we keep on doing it? Making a living, of course, is a […]

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Freelance Funnies

by Lesley Evans Ogden   As a freelancer, you’ve no doubt read a plethora of recent posts about the gloomy outlook for journalism, and how tough it is for freelancers to make a living these days. Yet we’re a tenacious bunch, and there is much to enjoy and celebrate about our flexible jobs. One of […]

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The Born Freelancer on Classic “Media” Movies

This series of posts by the Born Freelancer shares personal experiences and thoughts on issues relevant to freelancers. Have something to add to the conversation? Your input is welcome in the comments.   Over the years I think certain classic entertainment movies about media have had as much impact on my life’s decision to work in media and as […]

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Should I Work For Free?

  There’s been a lot of talk this month about whether  — and under what circumstances — a freelancer should agree to work for free. The online debate was sparked by journalist Nate Thayer’s blog post about being asked to repurpose a previously-published article for use by the Atlantic… without any compensation. It seemed as though everyone was […]

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The 5-Minute Freelancer Q&A #1 – Colleen Kimmett

In this new feature, Story Board asks Canadian writers to share a few details about their work habits and their strategies for navigating the ups and downs of freelance life.   1. Where are you when most of your story ideas come to you?  I would say usually I’m out and about: at a party […]

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What was in reporters’ pockets in 1920, according to Ernest Hemingway

This week the Toronto Star launched a micro-site dedicated to a reporter who wrote for them nearly a century ago. His name was Ernest Hemingway. Maybe you’ve heard of him? The Hemingway Papers includes contemporary reports about Hemingway’s time at the Star — including how it shaped his writing style and what he thought of […]

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Fun, retro-style video from CMG drives home reasons to join a union

For those not yet convinced, this video commissioned by the Canadian Media Guild/CWA Canada cheekily illustrates a few good reasons to join a union. Produced by MyFilm Productions, with music by Incompetech, the narrative centres on “Jenny,” who is excited to start her new job, only to discover that she was hired to replace a […]

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2011, in errors

Craig Silverman of Regret the Error, a blog that Poynter recently acquired, has published his annual roundup of notable media errors. It provides many reminders about the importance of careful reporting and editing, as well as laughs (with a dash of schadenfreude). Taking the prize for typo of the year is the “Osama/Obama” mixup, which […]

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Count coffee as a food group? Yep, you’re a journalist

Your Monday laugh comes courtesy of Chris Ortiz, creator/editor of Stuff Journalists Like. While judges in Oregon might disagree with his 20-item “Checklist for being a ‘real’ journalist,” we think it hits the nail on the head. Some of our favourite “signs”: Corrected a loved one’s grammar in a greeting card Forgotten what it’s like […]

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