Content farm spoof hits its mark

Content farming, as a web-based business model, is going through a tough time. Increased scrutiny from media critics and frustrated web users is targeting sites like Mahalo, which had to significantly decrease its staff after Google made its algorithm change, and the various online properties owned by Demand Media. Some people also include the Huffington Post amongst the web’s most popular content farms, but others argue it’s not, due to all the original content their unpaid bloggers — and, to be fair, their staff of full-time writers and editors — produce.

Sites like, one of the most-cited examples of content farming, are ripe for parody, with articles like “What is Bromance?” and “Top 11 Conversation Killers for Atheists.” And, so, here comes The Content Farm, a site put together by The Bureau Chiefs, the people behind the popular Fake AP Stylebook twitter account and the book Write More Good.

If you’re curious about “How to Know If You Have Back Pain” or “How to Judge Other Parents,” The Content Farm has answers. Prepare to waste some serious time on this site.

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