Author Guy Lawson talks freelancing in the U.S.

Guy Lawson says he’s “finally now ready to be a writer.” It sounds strange coming from a man who’s been published by Harper’s magazine and has been on contract with GQ and Rolling Stone. But now, with a new book underway, Lawson now feels he’s achieved enough success to settle into the role. Born in Canada, Lawson […]

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Finding Karla’s Paula Todd talks ebooks and the future of journalism

Paula Todd, the author of Finding Karla,

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Despite delays, a best practices guide for the Canadian magazine industry is on its way

There are some things that are right about the magazine industry in Canada and some things that need changing. With that in mind, and with what appears to be a goal to establish shared standards, three groups—the Professional Writers Association of Canada, Magazines Canada, and the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors—have been working together on […]

Masters of our (public) domain

A post by Michael Geist on his blog this week is spreading online and spurring debate about Canada’s public domain and who, exactly, benefits from it. Currently, works enter the public domain in Canada 50 years after the death of the author, which is less than in many European countries and in the U.S., where […]

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Digital publications now eligible in most National Magazine Award categories

The National Magazine Award Foundation opened up the submission process for its 2011 awards yesterday and also announced that this year digital publications can apply to nearly every category. Digital publications can now submit work for consideration in a number of visual and integrated categories, in addition to the written categories that were opened up […]

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What do digital locks mean for you and your work?

Michael Geist is writing a series of posts called The Daily Digital Lock Dissenter. Beginning October 3 and right up to today, Geist is presenting the arguments that various organizations have made publicly against the idea of digital locks, which Bill C-11 would protect, making it illegal for Canadians to circumvent them. (More background on […]

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Writers make a splash at Design Thinkers 2011

The Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario are wrapping up their Design Thinkers conference today, and the Canadian Writers Group helped make it another successful industry event. As the RGD’s official content sponsor, CWG contributed heavily to the conference’s materials. The agency’s writers had a big hand in crafting the Design Thinkers blog and in key […]

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Google brings eBookstore to Canada

Watch out Amazon and Kobo, Google wants its slice of Canada’s ebook retail market. Google’s eBookstore is now open to Canadian customers, offering hundreds of thousands of books for sale and upwards of 2 million free public-domain titles. Google has already struck deals with Canadian publishers big (Penguin, Random House, and Harper Collins) and small […]

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The Copyright Modernization Act: friend or foe?

Yesterday in Ottawa, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages James Moore and Minister of Industry and Minister of State (Agriculture) Christian Paradis spoke to the media about their plan to fast-track Bill C-11, the Copyright Modernization Act, and have it passed by the end of the year. The act is, according to many, a […]

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CWG sends “A World Without Words” poster to 2,000 agencies

In April, the Canadian Writers Group announced it had become the official Content Sponsor for the Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario. We told you about the agency’s ambitions to get its writers on the Ontario design community’s radar, producing content for DesignThinkers 2011 and for RGD’s professional development and training activities throughout the year. Continuing […]

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