What can Storify do for freelancers?

In this post on tech blog GigaOM, Mathew Ingram discusses the recently launched application Storify, which gives users a simple way to collect content from their various social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc.) and turn them into a single news feed.

Ingram’s post focuses on the threat that services like Storify pose to mainstream media — who have until recently been the gatekeepers for curating and aggregating news. He seems to draw a line between trained journalists who work for “branded” big-name media outlets and everyone else, but he doesn’t address a group who might also benefit from Storify: freelance jounalists.

When more and more roles in the media involve evaluating and parsing stories by other outlets — the Huffington Post is beginning to hire in Canada, after all — Storify is an easy way for freelancers or journalists looking for permanent work to show their aggregation and curation abilities. They may not be the most important skills for a freelancer, but including a news feed from Storify or a similar platform on a CV or in an online portfolio might be the thing that sets you apart from the pack.

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