From the Toronto Star to Transcon…freelancers unite!

Yesterday, magazine writer and author Ann Douglas wrote a post for Story Board explaining why she quit her column for the Toronto Star. The tremendous response to her post – in the blog comments, on Facebook and on Twitter – proves how fed up freelancers are with the unfair contracts being imposed by publishers. Yes, publishers are struggling as technology changes, but writers and other content creators should not be the ones to shoulder the burden of failing business models. Earlier this month, we reported on another bad freelance agreement – the one being imposed by Transcontinental Media. If you write for Transcon publications and would like to be involved in discussions with the Canadian Media Guild about this agreement, please contact Keith Maskell at There will be a meeting/phone conference this Thursday, February 28th, to discuss how independent content creators can act collectively to survive this David-vs-Goliath struggle.


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