James Moore responds to CMG’s letter about TC Media funding

The Canadian Media Guild has received a reply to a letter they sent to the Minister of Canadian Heritage last month regarding financial assistance given to TC Media through the Canada Periodical Fund.  The CMG expressed concerns about the TC Media funding in light of the new contract the publisher tried to impose on freelancers earlier […]

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Is the Canada Periodical Fund helping TC Media squeeze freelancers?

  By Katherine Lapointe The Canadian Media Guild has sent a letter to Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore asking him to review the funding TC Media receives from Heritage Canada’s Periodical Fund in the wake of the new contract it tried to impose on freelancers this year. TC Media has received between $7.5 and $8.5 […]

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A bright spot in the TC Media affair?

There may be some room for optimism in the ongoing dispute over the new Transcontinental Media contributors agreement. The CMG has heard from freelancers in Québec and elsewhere that TC Media is making amendments to the contract. Freelancers for some TC Media titles have been told that they can continue to provide content for the magazines […]

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I Am Not Anonymous

  By Amber Nasrulla I’d like to sit down with the person or people at TC Media who penned the new freelance contract. As Story Board reported last week, they’ve refused to negotiate improvements or meet with anyone from the Canadian Media Guild (CMG) saying they prefer to meet with freelancers individually. If I met them […]

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TC Media refuses meeting request

Last week, a group of associations and unions representing Canadian media professionals sent a letter to TC Media requesting a meeting to discuss the terms in their new contributors agreement. The group — which includes the Canadian Media Guild, CWA/SCA Canada, the Canadian Writers Group, the Canadian Freelance Union, the Professional Writers Association of Canada, the […]

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This ain’t your parents’ advertorial

By Karen Wirsig So Global TV is now airing “news” reports sponsored by advertisers. The piece about what a pain it is to do your taxes might be brought to you by Q&Z Tax services. The one about all the crime in the east end could be courtesy of the local police association. Advertisers are […]

Q and A on the TC Media freelance contract

By André Dumont, former AJIQ vice-president   AJIQ (The Quebec Association of Independent Journalists) has gotten a lot of questions about the new TC Media contract. Here are a few of them, along with our answers. Q: I signed the contract. Can I translate my articles and sell them to a French-language magazine? A: No. You […]

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The TC Media controversy Storified

We’ve Storified the controversy over the new TC Media freelance agreement. Thank you to Simon Van Vliet for the original French version! [View the story “Freelancers react to contract imposed by Elle publisher” on Storify]

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Are publishers delaying the magazines best practices guide?

With the recent uproar over freelance contracts, the time seems ripe for change in the Canadian magazine industry. Last year Story Board reported on the long-awaited best practices guide for the magazine industry, a set of guidelines that could help establish professional standards for magazine freelancers, editors and publishers. The document has been in the […]

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Intellectual property lawyer responds to TC Media agreement

The new Transcontinental Media contributor agreement has raised a furor among freelancers over the past few weeks. TC Media, which publishes a variety of magazines including Canadian Living, Elle Canada, and The Hockey News, has increased the copyright demands in its new agreement and requires contributors to waive their moral rights. This week Story Board contacted Warren Sheffer — […]

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