Freelance Skillshare and Community Building Opportunities

by Amanda Maxwell Considering the freelance route, jumping from the nine-to-five into the freedom of midnight keyboard sessions in your PJs? Terrified but excited, and not sure where to go for information? While there are a lot of resources out there, they’re mostly online with very little of the personal touch. If you don’t know many […]

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Content farms and the decline of long form

by H.G. Watson   Want to get hits on your website? Easy. Just feature a list. “Here are the Best Dumb Things Ryan Lochte Said on His Reality Show,” or “10 Reasons Duke the Corgi Has the Potential To Be One of America’s Next Top Corgis” are actual articles you can find on the sites […]

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Writing Our Stories: The Experiences of Women and Queer Journalists

By Ljudmila Petrovic and Angela Espinoza On April 3, the Canadian University Press and CWA joined forces to organize a panel discussion in Vancouver to explore the experiences of queer and women journalists.   The speakers • Tina House, a video journalist for APTN, spoke of working in a bar and absolutely hating it, knowing […]

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From the Toronto Star to Transcon…freelancers unite!

Yesterday, magazine writer and author Ann Douglas wrote a post for Story Board explaining why she quit her column for the Toronto Star. The tremendous response to her post – in the blog comments, on Facebook and on Twitter – proves how fed up freelancers are with the unfair contracts being imposed by publishers. Yes, publishers are […]

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