CFU makes progress in negotiations over Canada Wide Media contract

A couple of months ago, we brought you details of Canada Wide Media’s new freelance contract. The contract raised a number of concerns for writers — concerns that include a lack of specifics regarding kill fees, a lengthy waiting period for submission approval, the lack of specific wording related to e-book rights, and a clause that attempts to […]

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Defamation clause in new Canada Wide Media contract remains unchanged

Last week it was brought to our attention that Canada Wide Media, which publishes of a variety of magazines including Westworld and BC Business, has updated its contract for freelance contributors. Back in May, Story Board reported that the CWM contract contained a clause that places responsibility for libel suits resulting from a published work squarely on the writer’s shoulders. At that […]

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Signer beware: Libel clauses in some freelance contracts leave writers holding the bag

Clauses that make writers wholly responsible for defamatory language in magazine articles have been popping up in freelance contracts for a while now. Last fall, we mentioned that The Grid, owned by Torstar Corp., was distributing new freelance agreements with clauses that could leave writers exposed to counter-suits in the event a libel suit was […]