Signer beware: Libel clauses in some freelance contracts leave writers holding the bag

Clauses that make writers wholly responsible for defamatory language in magazine articles have been popping up in freelance contracts for a while now. Last fall, we mentioned that The Grid, owned by Torstar Corp., was distributing new freelance agreements with clauses that could leave writers exposed to counter-suits in the event a libel suit was […]

CWG negotiates new deal with Reader’s Digest

It doesn’t happen every day, so when writers make gains after negotiating with a publication, it’s a story worth sharing. Working with Reader’s Digest managing editor Derek Webster, Derek Finkle negotiated a new pay grid on behalf of writers represented by the Canadian Writers Group this fall. Shortly before Webster left the magazine in October, […]

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Reader’s Digest to feed

The Canadian Magazines blog is reporting that Reader’s Digest has a deal with to provide lifestyle and travel content in French and English for the news website. The Canadian Writers Group, which represents writers who provide content to Reader’s Digest, has made a formal inquiry to the magazine about how writers will be compensated for […]

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2011 and the digital platform

Happy 2011! You will hear nonstop about the “digital platform.” Masthead published all kinds of end-of-year interviews with publishers and they’re all bullish on big-D digital, of course. Reader’s Digest‘s Tony Cioffi says: “2011 will be focused on Digital, developing products and expanding our current brands and launching new ones to support our multi-brand and multi-platform […]

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