Upcoming Doc Project Mentorship deadline February 1

A message from CBC Radio’s mentorship program The Doc Project: It’s that time again! CBC Radio’s Mentorship applications deadline is Wednesday, February 1 In the past two years over 60 of your CMG colleagues gone through this unique professional development program,  working intensively with veteran CBC producers/mentors to produce unique, innovative radio documentaries. Their work has […]

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Opportunities and Pitching — tips from The Freelancer’s Toolbox

The good news for freelancers is that there have never been more places to publish than there are right now. The bad news, as we all know, is that very few places want to pay you for your work. Food and travel writers Joanne Sasvari and Don Genova offered some advice on how to make your freelance career […]

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Opportunities and Pitching — Tips from the Freelance Survival Series

Learn to sell yourself, accept all paying work, and approach new publications with your eyes wide open. Those were a few of the messages that came out of the “opportunities and pitching” session at last month’s Freelance Survival Seminar in Toronto. Writers Don Genova and Alison Garwood-Jones spent an hour sharing their experiences and offering advice to a […]

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Contently and the Rise of Content Marketing

Prospects seem rather gloomy for freelance writers these days. With dying weeklies, draconian magazine contracts, and endless cutbacks at daily papers and the CBC, it’s sometimes hard to see how freelancing can possibly remain a viable career path. But amid all the journalistic despair there is one area of growth for freelance writers. It’s called […]

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AMI looking for radio freelancers

Get out your microphones, audiophiles, there’s a new opportunity for Canadian radio freelancers. Accessible Media Inc. is a not-for-profit organization that produces media for Canadians with disabilities – that’s anywhere from 5 to 8 million people across the country who have difficulty accessing mainstream media. Until recently, AMI’s on-air programming has been produced mainly by volunteers […]

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How to pitch interactive projects to the NFB

Diversification is without a doubt one of the keys to freelancing successfully. And although opportunities in traditional media seem to be on the decline lately, publishing innovations and new media present writers with exciting new possibilities. The trick is knowing where to find them. I stumbled across one recently and set out to get you the low-down […]

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