Tools for freelancers

Savvy freelancers are always looking for ways to streamline their workflow. The right tools can make your freelance business run more smoothly and allow you to spend more time on the creative work that earns you money. Here are a few of the best tools for freelancers we’ve run across lately. Transcription For freelance journalists, […]

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How to know when it’s time for a refresh

by Sue Horner  Google made me do it.  My website refresh has been in the back of my mind for months. I had a few changes I wanted to make, but nothing seemed urgent and the project fell off my radar. I finally set things in motion after a few reminders about Google’s view of […]

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Portfolio options for freelancers

by H.G. Watson   How you present your work online can go a long way to helping you land your next job. There are now several online options that allow you to create beautiful presentations of your work, for no cost. I took a look at four of the more popular options for online portfolio […]

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Pressfolios: a new option for freelance portfolios

A potential client recently asked me for some writing samples. “No problem,” I thought, and went to my website to gather some links. But when I clicked — horrors — several of my choicest samples opened to a “404-page not found” message. Fortunately, in an uncharacteristic fit of foresight and organization, I’d saved most of the […]

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Contently and the Rise of Content Marketing

Prospects seem rather gloomy for freelance writers these days. With dying weeklies, draconian magazine contracts, and endless cutbacks at daily papers and the CBC, it’s sometimes hard to see how freelancing can possibly remain a viable career path. But amid all the journalistic despair there is one area of growth for freelance writers. It’s called […]

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