CMG Freelance is now on LinkedIn!

If you use LinkedIn to promote and grow your freelance business, we’d love to connect with you there. CMG Freelance now has a company page on LinkedIn, where we’ll be publishing Story Board posts as well as other posts of interest to independent media, creative, knowledge, IT and communications professionals. LinkedIn is just the latest […]

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Webinar: LinkedIn for Journalists

LinkedIn is often known only as a networking tool, though it can also be used as a powerful research tool. In this webinar, Katt Stearns will show you how to best to use this overlooked social media platform and answer the question, “should I pay to ‘go Pro’?” If you’re one of those people who […]

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Making the most of LinkedIn

With LinkedIn in the headlines over the past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about my own neglected LinkedIn profile with a mild sense of shame. LinkedIn has always struck me as the driest of the social networking sites. It’s all business, unlike my newsy Twitter stream and my gossip-laden Facebook feed. But I’m realizing lately that […]

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Gifts that keep on giving: the Born Freelancer’s tips on testimonials

This series of posts by the Born Freelancer shares personal experiences and thoughts on issues relevant to freelancers. Have something to add to the conversation? Your input is welcome in the comments. I was looking at some impressive freelancer websites the other day and noticed a common element on the sites that were the most […]

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