Unlocking the mysteries of the Robertson settlement payouts

A number of magazine veterans have been scratching their heads about the reports circulating that former Globe and Mail freelancers are receiving the maximum allowable payout – $55,000 –  from the Heather Robertson settlement with Thomson Reuters Canada, CTVglobemedia, and the Gale Group.  The veterans are wondering how their many feature-length stories garnered much more […]

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Signs of optimism as 2010 winds down

Magazine and newspaper publishers have some news to smile about south of the border. The first comes from Jim Romenesko at Poynter:  newspapers can look forward to an increase in digital ad revenue next year, according to industry consultant Kubas. You can see the Kubas forecast here. What’s more, there’s a signal that the death of print […]

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“The future lies in apps, not on shelves”

Virgin’s Richard Branson launched his i-Pad magazine today, taking a flyer on the future of digital-only mags.  “Project” focuses on “design, entertainment, technology, entrepreneurs.” Sounds like a publication after Branson’s own heart. Apparently, Virgin is trying to best News Corp, which is poised to launch its own i-Pad magazine, “The Daily,” supported by Apple. We […]

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