Steve Buttry to newsroom curmudgeons: Cut it out

Do you find yourself cursing the sad state of journalism today, wondering why people waste time with Twitter, or proclaiming End Times when journalism schools cut courses on spelling and grammar? Probably not, if you’re reading posts here (at least not the social media part). But if you haven’t seen it yet — and whether […]

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A “brave” experiment: Brunswick News puts faith in pay wall

Brunswick News, owner of nearly all of New Brunswick’s print newspapers, is going to start charging readers to access its content online. The Chronicle Herald‘s Brett Bundale reported on Friday that the company would activate a “hard” pay wall on its online newspaper editions today. Brunswick News owns 10 French-language weeklies, six English-language weeklies, and […]

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Digital publications now eligible in most National Magazine Award categories

The National Magazine Award Foundation opened up the submission process for its 2011 awards yesterday and also announced that this year digital publications can apply to nearly every category. Digital publications can now submit work for consideration in a number of visual and integrated categories, in addition to the written categories that were opened up […]

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Writers make a splash at Design Thinkers 2011

The Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario are wrapping up their Design Thinkers conference today, and the Canadian Writers Group helped make it another successful industry event. As the RGD’s official content sponsor, CWG contributed heavily to the conference’s materials. The agency’s writers had a big hand in crafting the Design Thinkers blog and in key […]

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Google brings eBookstore to Canada

Watch out Amazon and Kobo, Google wants its slice of Canada’s ebook retail market. Google’s eBookstore is now open to Canadian customers, offering hundreds of thousands of books for sale and upwards of 2 million free public-domain titles. Google has already struck deals with Canadian publishers big (Penguin, Random House, and Harper Collins) and small […]

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Say goodbye to the discerning journalist, or “Kids these days…”

“Does it matter where a story comes from, as long as it makes the news? Apparently it doesn’t matter at all, to many of the latest crop of journalism students who believe their smart phones hold the keys to truth.” So begins Lynne Russell’s post for MediaShift on the iPod-listenin’, tweet-believin’, smartphone-clutchin’  journalism students at […]

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The view from over here

Do journalists working in various media really perceive each other like the above image suggests? Of course, David Cohn, who made the chart, is having a bit of fun with the stereotypes about people who work in print versus broadcast versus online versus data journalism. But, joking aside, it seems worthwhile to ask how deeply […]

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F*ck you. Pay me. Mike Monteiro’s advice for getting paid as a freelancer

If you’ve ever had trouble collecting payment from a client, this video is for you. Mike Monteiro, co-founder of Mule Design Studio gives his provocative (and sometimes profane) tips for protecting yourself as an independent contractor.

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Personal branding: a new “must” for journalists?

If there are any social media marketing types on your radar, especially the sort who call themselves “gurus,” you’ve likely already heard of personal branding. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it’s “the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands.” Simply put, it’s a way of molding and manipulating the way people […]

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Gothamist‘s venture into long-form

Joining other digital-only publications and projects, such as Byliner and The Atavist, that are hoping for a rebirth of long-form journalism online, Gothamist, a NYC news site, has announced it will pay a freelancer $5,000 to write a 5,000- to 15,000-word feature. A post on FishbowlNY pointed us to Gothamist‘s call for journalists who can […]

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