Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Lessons from Katie Jensen and Vicky Mochama of Vocal Fry Studios

By Cara Fox If I’m honest, for many years the only thing that kept me from freelancing was the fact that I didn’t feel good enough. No matter how many qualified people told me I was capable, complimented my work and prodded me to keep going, it wasn’t enough to make me feel “credible.” What […]

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Top Five Ways to Spot Fake News

by Bailey Martens Calling the morgue to confirm whether an employee was cremated while having a nap is not fun, says Jane Lytvynenko. But for contemporary journalists, this kind of fact-checking task is an important part of the job. Lytvynenko, an investigative reporter for BuzzFeed Canada, ran a session at the 80th annual NASH journalism […]

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Andree Lau on increasing diversity in reporting and the newsroom

by Hannah Daley As newsrooms across the country strive for greater diversity, HuffPost Canada editor-in-chief Andree Lau says there’s a need for a much more nuanced approach than simply “checking the boxes.” Lau spoke on January 5th at NASH, the annual Canadian student journalism conference. This year’s conference, NASH 80: Connect, was hosted by the […]

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Pain and possibilities abound for journalists in the digital age

NASH 79 features several female journalists sharing stories of abuse on social media By Steve Cornwell As the print-heavy side of newspaper industry continues to shed jobs and shut down newsrooms, conversations about how journalism will look and survive in an increasingly digital age are thriving. At the Canadian University Press’s national student journalism conference […]

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Omar Mouallem advises budding freelancers at NASH

by Allison Leonard   “There is a science to pitching freelance magazine articles,” said Omar Mouallem, a freelance magazine writer and editor who has contributed to publications including the Globe and Mail, The Walrus and Alberta Views. Last weekend, Mouallem spoke to delegates at the Canadian University Press’s annual national conference, NASH 76, in Edmonton.  […]

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Tips on freelancing abroad from NASH 75

  by H.G. Watson Everyone has the image in their head of the glamorous foreign correspondent, working out of busy bureau and going for after work drinks at a smoke filled expat club. But as international news agencies close or make deep cuts to their international bureaus, working internationally has become more difficult for Canadians. But […]

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Erin Millar offers young freelancers advice at NASH

by H.G. Watson   Freelancing takes guts.  It’s intimidating to approach someone you don’t know and ask them to pay you to write. What if they say no? Or worst of all, don’t even respond to your carefully crafted pitch? Yet getting your foot in the door at any publication means getting over your fear. […]

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