Nonfiction Book Publishing: Tales from the Trenches

CFG and King’s College present: Nonfiction Book Publishing: Tales from the Trenches Sunday, November 15 from 3 pm Eastern Time on Zoom Join Karen Stiller, Tyler LeBlanc, Christian Smith, Catherine Fogarty and Leslie Marion as they share their experiences as recent first-time nonfiction book authors. They’ll offer thoughts and lessons learned on all aspects of […]

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People before protons: How to pitch a science story

by Monte Stewart Tim Lougheed has been guarding his secret for years. If he has his way, editors will never pry it out of him. “To other people, I will call myself a science writer,” he said. “If I’m selling a story, I will never use that term.” And Lougheed is adamant that he will […]

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PWAC Toronto deep research seminar April 23

Toronto-area writers, mark your calendars for another PWAC professional development seminar. “Deep Research: Practical Tips and Techniques” is scheduled for Tuesday, April 23 from 7:00 to 8:45 p.m. at the Miles Nadal JCC (750 Spadina Avenue). The seminar will offer practical information about conducting in-depth research online, in person, at libraries and other places.You’ll pick up some tips on locating […]

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Ann Douglas on the seven stages of book publishing

Thinking about writing a book? If so, Ann Douglas has some advice for you. Douglas, whose many published books include the “Mother of All” parenting series, gave a presentation at the recent Level Up writers’ conference in Toronto. Her talk focused on the process of publishing non-fiction books through traditional publishing avenues. She offered reams of helpful […]

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Travel writing tips from writer and editor Jennifer Bain

by Monte Stewart Jennifer Bain was a travel editor at The Toronto Star before she took a buyout in April. She is currently freelancing as a travel writer and completing a master of fine arts degree in creative non-fiction. In this Q&A, she discusses some of her experiences as a freelance writer and travel section editor […]

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Systematic Editing for the Uncomfortable / Nervous / Reluctant / Insecure Editor

by Amanda Maxwell  Editing a piece of work isn’t my favourite occupation. If it’s my own, then word blindness and over-familiarity settles in. If it’s for someone else, then I panic about changing their voice. Most of the time I sort-of know when something’s not right, but not always how to fix it. And this […]

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The Born Freelancer Interviews Daniel Sugar on Self-Publishing His First Novel

This series of posts by the Born Freelancer shares personal experiences and thoughts on issues relevant to freelancers. Have something to add to the conversation? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.   Writing a novel is the dream of many freelance writers, but few of us achieve this formidable goal. A first novel is therefore […]

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Andree Lau on increasing diversity in reporting and the newsroom

by Hannah Daley As newsrooms across the country strive for greater diversity, HuffPost Canada editor-in-chief Andree Lau says there’s a need for a much more nuanced approach than simply “checking the boxes.” Lau spoke on January 5th at NASH, the annual Canadian student journalism conference. This year’s conference, NASH 80: Connect, was hosted by the […]

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A Q&A with freelance writer Cole Kazdin

by Brittany Duggan Cole Kazdin is a writer, performer and four-time Emmy winning television journalist. She currently lives in Los Angeles where she regularly contributes to VICE, MEL Magazine and Refinery29. Kazdin has written for The New York Times, Los Angeles Magazine, Cosmopolitan and has produced television for HBO Documentaries and ABC Network News. She […]

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Is there a link between running and writing? Some experts think so

by Christine Blanchette About two weeks ago, I sat in front of my computer screen, feeling frazzled, my heart pounding. I was stressed – trying to meet a tight deadline for a fitness piece due that day. There was no time to waste, not even to make a cup of coffee. But I just couldn’t […]

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