WEBINAR: Podcasting ABCs

The traditional communication methods your clients use are rapidly changing. Being able to offer them podcasting options is just one more skill you should have in your arsenal. Thanks to today’s technology, the learning curve is less steep and making podcasts is more affordable than ever before. Join veteran podcast producer Katie Jensen for this […]

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Vocal Fry Studios hosts podcast events in Toronto

Podcasting is here to stay. All you need as evidence of that is the success of independent podcasting companies such as Toronto’s Vocal Fry Studios. Vocal Fry has a busy couple of weeks ahead with several community and educational events on their calendar, and CMG Freelance is proud to be playing a part in some of them. […]

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The 5-Minute Freelancer Q&A #41 — Ayesha Barmania

In this regular feature, Story Board asks Canadian freelancers to share a few details about their work habits and their strategies for navigating the ups and downs of freelance life.   Ayesha Barmania is an independent journalist, radio producer, audio artist and podcast consultant based in Peterborough, Ontario. They’re the co-host and co-producer of the Peterborough Currents podcast, which was recently nominated […]

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On Cue: Switching from Print to Podcast? It May Not Be as Big a Stretch as You Think

by Meagan Gillmore I never intended to host a daily podcast. But in March 2019, I unexpectedly traded in a notebook for a microphone and took on the role of guest-host for The Pulse, a daily show on AMI-audio that focuses on current affairs related to disability and accessibility. Before, I thought print journalists began podcasting […]

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How To Stand Out As A Freelance Podcast Producer

by Jeremy Enns  When I moved to Vancouver to start audio school back in 2011, I knew what I was getting into. I was aware of the already long declining state of the music industry. I knew how few studios had staff audio engineer positions, and I knew how hard I would have to work […]

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Free spaces in Toronto podcasting program available to CMG Freelance members

CMG Freelance is pleased to offer four free spaces in an upcoming Camp Tech Intro to Podcasting Program in Toronto. On Saturday, August 12th, professional podcast producer JP Davidson will lead you through this 6-hour workshop, complete with audio recording and editing exercises and information on how to publish your podcast once it’s complete. For more details […]

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Free podcasting webinar for CMG Freelance and CWA Associate Members

Wanna be a podcaster? JP Davidson’s upcoming podcasting webinar will help get you started… or take you to the next level. In this hour-long workshop, Davidson — a podcaster, radio producer and founder of the Canadian Sound & Story Workshop — will offer insights into the state of the industry, the resources available, and the best ways to launch and […]

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Jesse Brown launches Patreon campaign to fund his independent podcast, Canadaland

by Rachel Sanders Jesse Brown saw an empty space on the Canadian media landscape. So he filled that niche with Canadaland, a weekly media criticism podcast that started a year ago this week. Over the past year, Canadaland has built up an audience of over 10,000 listeners. That’s a number that has been steadily climbing. But a year in, Brown […]

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Podcasting patent threatens independent media

  by J.P. Davidson Like blogging and web video, podcasting has matured in recent years – from nerdy niche to viable independent media platform. Marc Maron is one success story: the interviews he conducts from his garage in LA go out to a massive online following. The show revived Maron’s career and even landed him a […]

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