LinkedIn Learning provides cost-effective PD on a range of relevant career skills

by Michael Strickland A frosty haze covers bottle and glass, suggesting both were just pulled from an Arctic ice box. Flecks sparkle around two crystal rivulets, drops of water that froze seconds earlier as they slid down the two containers. Tiny bubbles rise through the golden liquid that fills the glass. A foamy head sits […]

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CMG Freelance members get access to free photography training through KelbyOne

Are you a professional photographer in need of a skills upgrade? Or would you like to improve your photography abilities in order to diversify your freelance business? One of the benefits of membership in CMG Freelance is access to the online training platform KelbyOne, which has over 700 training modules on photography, Photoshop and Lightroom. […]

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CMG Freelance members: Get your own dedicated login to

Good news, CMG Freelance members: you’ve now got easier access to one of your union’s largest and most valuable professional development opportunities. The Canadian Media Guild announced this week that members can now get their own dedicated accounts to The online service offers video training tutorials in creative fields like design, audio, music and photography, as well as business, […]

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Steve Buttry to newsroom curmudgeons: Cut it out

Do you find yourself cursing the sad state of journalism today, wondering why people waste time with Twitter, or proclaiming End Times when journalism schools cut courses on spelling and grammar? Probably not, if you’re reading posts here (at least not the social media part). But if you haven’t seen it yet — and whether […]

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Secrets worth sharing: Tips and tricks from three successful Canadian freelancers

As part of its ongoing Professional Development series, PWAC Toronto hosted an event entitled “Secrets of Freelancing Success.” Its panel of experienced freelance writers shared—if not secrets, exactly—a boatload of valuable advice. This latest edition in PWAC’s series, which we’ve covered before, really packed ’em in at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre (the event […]

PWAC Toronto’s Alternate Revenue Streams panel, Storified

What you missed at last night’s professional development event.

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On relationships, pie charts, and SEO: How to pitch stories to editors

A guest post by Daniela DiStefano The Toronto Chapter of the Professional Writers Association kicked off its 2011/2012 Professional Development Series Wednesday night at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre with the season’s first seminar, “Getting Yes: How to Pitch Stories to Editors.” Chapter president Jaclyn Law hosted the panel of editors, Rani Sheen (FASHION), […]

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PWAC Toronto’s 2011/2012 professional development series

Starting next month and running until next May, PWAC Toronto is hosting a series of evening seminars for writers, focusing on professional development topics such as alternate revenue sources, health and science writing, and narrative non-fiction. After the 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. seminars, which will take place either at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community […]

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