WEBINAR: Pitching NOT Bitching!

This week, CFG Guelph is proud to present: Pitching NOT Bitching! How to make a good pitch about a story and get published Online Zoom, Tuesday, January 12th, 7pm ET Pitching is either something you feel challenged by or procrastinate about doing. No matter the type of article you want to write, a good pitch letter […]

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Webinar: How to Find Work

If you’re looking for more work opportunities these days, hurry and register for the CFG’s upcoming webinar How to Find Work. This online event happens on Wednesday, October 21st from 7:30pm to 8:30pm Eastern Time. One of the first member benefits the Canadian Freelance Guild established after being formed in April of this year was The […]

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WEBINAR: Strategic Storytelling for Non-profits

Please join us for the Zoom webinar Strategic Storytelling for Non-profits on Tuesday, October 13 at 7 p.m. ET. Your webinar presenter is CFG founding member, writer, editor, strategic storyteller, and story coach Michael Strickland. “We’ve been telling stories forever,” he says. “Long before the data-driven annual report or flashy product video, people gathered in caves […]

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WEBINAR: Indie Book Publishing — Lessons Learned

Every book has its own path toward publication. For some, this will be through traditional publishing, for others, independent publishing works best. But how to make the decision? Please join us for the webinar Indie Book Publishing: Lessons Learned, on Tuesday,  September 8th from 7pm to 9pm ET. The presentation and conversation will focus on CFG founding […]

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WEBINAR: Making the Most of Your Interviews (on any media platform)

For Paul McLaughlin, calling an interview a success comes down to just one thing. “It’s very simple. It’s if I’ve accomplished my goals,” he says. McLaughlin, one of Canada’s most experienced interviewing trainers and author of the book, Asking Questions: The Art of the Media Interview, says knowing what you need is one of the […]

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WEBINAR: Pitching for Success – Sell That Story!

You have the story. You know you can write it and deliver it. But how to get the editor’s attention—and a green light to proceed? CFG Founding Member Sandra Phinney will take you on a journey down the freelance “pitching for success” path in Pitching for Success – Sell That Story. This workshop will cover: today’s most […]

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WEBINAR: Getting the Shot – Tips to Taking Winning Photos!

It’s all in the eyes! Portraits, head shots, promo photos, editorial news and travel imagery is all about making that visual connection with the subject, to help convey emotion and tell the story. In the Canadian Freelance Guild’s next webinar, Getting the Shot, learn the composition, lighting and exposure techniques to bring the viewer into […]

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WEBINAR: Podcasting ABCs

The traditional communication methods your clients use are rapidly changing. Being able to offer them podcasting options is just one more skill you should have in your arsenal. Thanks to today’s technology, the learning curve is less steep and making podcasts is more affordable than ever before. Join veteran podcast producer Katie Jensen for this […]

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WEBINAR: Income Replacement and Taxes during Covid-19

A free CFG Lunch and Learn webinar is planned for members in good standing on Tuesday, April 14th at 12 noon ET. A representative from the New School of Finance  will bring us up to date on government initiatives for income replacement as well as other protections for the self-employed and others affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. […]

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Webinar: Covering Provincial Politics

Provincial policy touches every part of Canadian life. Schools, hospitals and police forces rely on provincial governments for funding; employers and landlords have to follow a provincial government’s laws. Join us for a webinar that will introduce journalism students and less experienced reporters to the basics of covering provincial politics. You’ll learn who the key players […]

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