Freelancers represent at the 2016 CMG convention

Last weekend media workers from across Canada came together in Toronto to discuss working conditions and the future of our industry. The biennial Canadian Media Guild convention took place on June 4th and 5th at the Holiday Inn Yorkdale. And freelancers, as always, were part of the event. CMG Freelance branch president Don Genova and a group of freelance […]

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Working Journalists aims to improve conditions for Chicago-area freelancers

by Rachel Sanders Rob Dicker felt totally secure in his position as staff photographer with Pioneer Press. He had skills, seniority and a great relationship with his manager. So it came as a total shock when he was called into a meeting in May 2013 by his newspaper’s corporate owner, Sun-Times Media. The company laid off its entire […]

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2014: A New Era for Freelancers, Solidarity and Unionism

By datejie cheko green, Canadian Media Guild As freelancers we cherish our independence. That’s why few could be faulted for mistaking “freelancer’s union” as a dictionary illustration of an oxymoron. Yet we’ve just come through an unprecedented year of shared trials (as foretold and reported by the editor of this publication in 2013: The Year […]

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Study this! Even more reasons to join a union, from a librarian

You’ve seen it here before. We’re not shy about our support for unions, and whether it’s the Born Freelancer explaining why unions are boss or a fun video from the Canadian Media Guild demonstrating the sticky situations that unprotected workers find themselves in, we’re glad to share. We can write about reasons to join a […]

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Fun, retro-style video from CMG drives home reasons to join a union

For those not yet convinced, this video commissioned by the Canadian Media Guild/CWA Canada cheekily illustrates a few good reasons to join a union. Produced by MyFilm Productions, with music by Incompetech, the narrative centres on “Jenny,” who is excited to start her new job, only to discover that she was hired to replace a […]

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Required reading: A look at freelance writers and collective organizing in Canada

Nicole S. Cohen, a PhD candidate in York University’s Communication and Culture graduate program, is working on a large project on historical and contemporary efforts to organize freelance writers. As part of that project, she’s written a paper entitled “Negotiating Writers’ Rights: Freelance Cultural Labour and the Challenge of Organizing,” recently published in Just Labour: […]

To be or not to be (in a union), that is the question

This series of posts by the Born Freelancer will share personal experiences and thoughts on issues relevant to freelancers. Have something to add to the conversation? Your input is welcome in the comments. “I wouldn’t belong to any club that would have me as a member” — attributed to Groucho Marx I usually feel the […]

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German freelancers say “Ja” to minimum pay rates

Freelance journalists may be the lone wolves of the media world, but many are starting to form packs, too. Look at Germany: freelancers there are biting back against “all rights” contracts and establishing fair pay models.

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