Got a story about editorial independence (or lack thereof)?

We’re glad to share this call for stories about advertisers’ influence in newsrooms at magazines and newspapers. It comes from journalist Micah Luxen, who last year quit her job at the Kelowna Daily Courier, where, she says, advertisers had too much sway over editorial content. She’s collecting stories to share during a panel discussion at […]

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Event: Better Watchdog Workshop, November 5 & 6 at Ryerson

The group Investigative Reporters & Editors, partnering with the Ryerson University School of Journalism and the Canadian Association of Journalists Educational Foundation, is bringing its Better Watchdog Workshop to Toronto. Sponsored by the Toronto Star, the two-day workshop will focus on investigative journalism skills, including tips on online research, developing sources, how to deal with […]

CAJ responds to proposed two-tiered press in Quebec

Late last month, Quebec Culture Minister Christine St-Pierre voiced her support for a “professional journalist” status in Quebec. Reaction from journalists (and from us) was predictably negative. For freelancers especially, the designation would block too many from accessing important sources in government. Some suggested it was an attack on freedom of speech. And now the […]

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Get your CAJ award submissions in today

Submissions for the Canadian Association of Journalists annual awards must be postmarked today. You can download an application here.  Print, broadcast and photojournalism submissions must have been published or broadcast during the 2010 calendar year. The CAJ/CNW Group Student Award of Excellence deadline is February 28, 2011. Award winners will be announced at CAJ’s 2011 convention, May 13-15, at […]

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False or misleading news soon ok on TV, radio

The CRTC is proposing to loosen some of the only rules we have related to broadcast news content in Canada. The current rules say that broadcasters cannot air “any false or misleading news.” Period. The change, scheduled to come into effect on September 1 of this year, would limit that prohibition to situations where the false or […]

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