Got a story about editorial independence (or lack thereof)?

We’re glad to share this call for stories about advertisers’ influence in newsrooms at magazines and newspapers. It comes from journalist Micah Luxen, who last year quit her job at the Kelowna Daily Courier, where, she says, advertisers had too much sway over editorial content. She’s collecting stories to share during a panel discussion at […]

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Blogs as steady income earners: how it’s done

Freelancers maintain personal blogs for all sorts of reasons: to have an all-in-one-place online portfolio, to increase their profile in a particular community or gain a reputation as an authority on a particular topic, to experiment with different types of writing than they get to do in their freelance work, or, often, to post photos […]

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Journalists need to brush up on business knowledge, report says

Freelancers have perhaps always known more about the business of journalism than their permanently employed counterparts. But now, at least according to an extensive report from the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University, all journalists need to educate themselves about where their pay cheques are coming from. This story about the report in the […]

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