CAJ responds to proposed two-tiered press in Quebec

Late last month, Quebec Culture Minister Christine St-Pierre voiced her support for a “professional journalist” status in Quebec. Reaction from journalists (and from us) was predictably negative. For freelancers especially, the designation would block too many from accessing important sources in government. Some suggested it was an attack on freedom of speech. And now the Canadian Association of Journalists has released its own comment on the proposal. To put it mildly, they’re not into the idea.

While it acknowledges that Quebec’s press isn’t perfect (and neither is the press anywhere else), and perhaps there is an insufficient variety of news sources, the document argues that a professional status for journalists would in no way address this issue. Furthermore:

It’s a strong and damning statement against the proposal from an organization whose primary aim is to promote excellence in journalism. We hope the Minister St-Pierre and other Quebec politicians take note.

Read the full response here.

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