Fighting for copyright

by Luigi Benetton Have you ever had your copyright violated? How did you react? I had this issue a few years ago. I didn’t take it well. My consternation drove me to waste time creating Google alerts for a bunch of my published articles. I’ve since deleted those alerts for reasons I’ll explain below, but […]

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Critic says new Globe and Mail freelance contract isn’t fair to writers

by Mitchell Thompson The Globe and Mail has received criticism for a revamped freelance contract that one critic says doesn’t treat authors fairly. Content Writers Group — formerly known as the Canadian Writers Group — founder Derek Finkle said the provisions in the Globe’s “amended and restated” freelance contract take away rights freelancers previously retained, with […]

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Back to School: The ABC’s of CBC Freelance Contracts

by Don Genova  There are actually A’s, and B’s, and C stands for Copyright in a typical CBC Freelance Contributor Contract, but I’ll get to those in a bit. With the new broadcast season, more local and national programs, radio, TV or digital, will be engaging freelancers to provide material for their shows in the […]

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Why does a freelancer’s copyright matter?

by Rachel Sanders In the wake of our recent post about a contract dispute between a group of freelancers and the non-profit broadcaster Accessible Media Inc., it seems like a good time for a refresher on the topic of copyright and moral rights. As a freelancer, why should you protect your copyright? What are moral rights, […]

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Radio freelancers battle for copyright

by Rachel Sanders In the two and a half years since I’ve been the editor of Story Board, I’ve posted all kinds of news and opinion pieces about negotiations and disputes over freelance contracts. The contracts in question have come from a wide variety of media outlets — ranging from Canada Wide Media, to the Toronto Star, […]

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Tyee Master Class in Vancouver: Creativity in the Digital Age

Vancouver freelancers, The Tyee is beginning a new series of Master Classes and there’s one this weekend that will be of interest to writers of all kinds. Creativity in the Digital Age will see copyright lawyer Martha Rans giving in-depth coverage to the complex and ever-changing issue of copyright. “She’ll help participants understand how to protect […]

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Le Devoir: TC Media freelance contract changed

The Montreal paper Le Devoir is reporting that TC Media – publisher of such magazines as Elle Canada, Style at Home and Canadian Living – has revised the contentious freelance contract that they introduced earlier this year. That contract demanded full copyright and a waiver of moral rights from its freelance contributors and provoked a widespread outcry from freelance […]

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This ain’t your parents’ advertorial

By Karen Wirsig So Global TV is now airing “news” reports sponsored by advertisers. The piece about what a pain it is to do your taxes might be brought to you by Q&Z Tax services. The one about all the crime in the east end could be courtesy of the local police association. Advertisers are […]

The TC Media controversy Storified

We’ve Storified the controversy over the new TC Media freelance agreement. Thank you to Simon Van Vliet for the original French version! [View the story “Freelancers react to contract imposed by Elle publisher” on Storify]

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Are publishers delaying the magazines best practices guide?

With the recent uproar over freelance contracts, the time seems ripe for change in the Canadian magazine industry. Last year Story Board reported on the long-awaited best practices guide for the magazine industry, a set of guidelines that could help establish professional standards for magazine freelancers, editors and publishers. The document has been in the […]

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