PWAC Toronto editing seminar March 25

Toronto-area writers, there’s an evening seminar coming up that will teach you how to do a better job of editing your own work. “Polishing Your Work: From Expert Tips to Editorial Workflows” is presented by PWAC Toronto Chapter and Magazines Canada on Monday, March 25  from 7:15 to 8:45 p.m. at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre. […]

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A Tricky Transition: Can Good Writers Become Competent Editors?

by Steven Threndyle Veteran freelance writers exhausted by the endless cycles of feast or famine often reach a point in their career where they fantasize, “I want one of those cush editing jobs!” And why not? The most prestigious editors sit atop the magazine pyramid as creative overseers. Like chief executive officers who hop from […]

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Systematic Editing for the Uncomfortable / Nervous / Reluctant / Insecure Editor

by Amanda Maxwell  Editing a piece of work isn’t my favourite occupation. If it’s my own, then word blindness and over-familiarity settles in. If it’s for someone else, then I panic about changing their voice. Most of the time I sort-of know when something’s not right, but not always how to fix it. And this […]

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The Reluctant Editor’s social media code of conduct

What happens when a freelance writer switches teams? This post from a Canadian freelance writer-cum-editor explores some of the challenges of sitting in the editor’s chair. Writers, take heed: this valuable insider info may help smooth the way with the editors in your life.   The great connector If you’re a writer, journalist, critic, or […]

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Seeking part-time editor for Story Board

The Canadian Media Guild is seeking a part-time editor for Story Board, a blog that creates an online space for media freelancers in Canada. The editor will be engaged to work an average of about 10 hours per week developing original copy for blog entries, covering industry news and events, seeking and editing submissions from […]

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Increasingly ill-defined roles translate to lower rates for freelance editors

“When hired to ‘edit,’ are you hired to be a developmental editor? A copyeditor? A proofreader? A compositor? Is what you are being paid commensurate with what you are being asked to do?” Freelance editors are hurting themselves and their peers by not distinguishing between different editing roles when negotiating with clients, says a post on An […]

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