A bright spot in the TC Media affair?

There may be some room for optimism in the ongoing dispute over the new Transcontinental Media contributors agreement. The CMG has heard from freelancers in Québec and elsewhere that TC Media is making amendments to the contract.

Freelancers for some TC Media titles have been told that they can continue to provide content for the magazines under the provisions of the previous contract and will not be required to sign the newest version of the agreement.

CMG staff representative Keith Maskell says this seems to be a step in the right direction by the publisher.

“The door that appeared closed is now at least slightly open,” he says.

“We’ll be keeping a very close eye on whatever comes next from TC Media.”

A new draft of the agreement is expected by early summer. In the meantime, TC Media contributors who have not yet contacted Maskell — in particular, any writers who have already signed the newest version of the contract — are invited to email him at keith@cmg.ca to discuss their options.


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