Canadian Writers Group launches ebook venture with Russell Smith’s Blindsided

In May last year, the Canadian Writers Group’s Derek Finkle was talking about the need for a long-form journalism platform in Canada similar to sites like Byliner and The Atavist operating in the U.S. This week, CWG launched a series of non-fiction ebooks with novelist and Globe columnist Russell Smith’s Blindsided, a story of about […]

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Byliner adds fiction to its offerings—and signs Margaret Atwood

When Byliner launched last spring, it was clear that it would do great things for narrative non-fiction, alongside other new sites like The Atavist. In the intervening 10 months, the site has grown considerably and its “Byliner Originals” have consistently topped Amazon’s Kindle Singles bestseller list. Early this year it began selling short works of […]

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Gothamist‘s venture into long-form

Joining other digital-only publications and projects, such as Byliner and The Atavist, that are hoping for a rebirth of long-form journalism online, Gothamist, a NYC news site, has announced it will pay a freelancer $5,000 to write a 5,000- to 15,000-word feature. A post on FishbowlNY pointed us to Gothamist‘s call for journalists who can […]

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Picking a price point for your e-book

Being able to slap whatever price tag you want on your own work is one of the most freeing things about self-publishing, but it can also be the most challenging. Not all writers are marketing experts, and, as far as we know, a guide on How to Compete in the E-books Marketplace — with its […]

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Long form’s digital trailblazers

Not long ago,  Mark Danner and Gerry Marzorati had an exciting conversation at the Berkeley School of Journalism, in which they tossed around the idea of creating a “hive” for long-form journalists. Now, a short time later, that call is being taken up by digital-publishing innovators, both in the U.S. and in Canada, who are […]

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So you want to publish a Kindle Single?

The description on Amazon’s Kindle Publishing how-to page makes publishing a Kindle Single sound relatively simple: “Publishers interested in submitting their KDP-published short content for consideration as a Kindle Single should email with a description of the content, the ASIN of the title in the Kindle Store, and their KDP account email address.” But […]

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Longing for long form

As it gets tougher and tougher for journalists to successfully pitch long-form pieces to traditional publications — without mostly writing them first — other options are opening up.

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