Profile of CBC’s Kirstine Stewart continues CWG’s nonfiction ebook series

All eyes are on the CBC after the federal government announced it would cut 10 per cent of its budget. It’s likely Kirstine Stewart, the broadcaster’s executive vice-president in charge of English programming, is feeling the weight of that gaze more than anyone else at the CBC. In a story that first appeared in Toronto […]

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Byliner adds fiction to its offerings—and signs Margaret Atwood

When Byliner launched last spring, it was clear that it would do great things for narrative non-fiction, alongside other new sites like The Atavist. In the intervening 10 months, the site has grown considerably and its “Byliner Originals” have consistently topped Amazon’s Kindle Singles bestseller list. Early this year it began selling short works of […]

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Songwriters get an online royalty collection service — where’s ours?

Once your work goes online, keeping tabs on it can be a full-time job. If it pops up on an unfamiliar site, without your permission, what are your chances of getting paid? As we’ve heard on Story Board previously, it’s more likely you’ll see the work removed from the site than see any cash. TuneCore, […]

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Google brings eBookstore to Canada

Watch out Amazon and Kobo, Google wants its slice of Canada’s ebook retail market. Google’s eBookstore is now open to Canadian customers, offering hundreds of thousands of books for sale and upwards of 2 million free public-domain titles. Google has already struck deals with Canadian publishers big (Penguin, Random House, and Harper Collins) and small […]

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Kindle self-publishers, beware

Kindle Direct Publishing has quickly become a popular platform for authors to promote and sell their own work. Whether it’s used to publish full-length books or Singles, KDP lets authors bypass traditional publishing channels and market their writing directly, up to and including setting their own prices. But in KDP’s fine print is a clause […]

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So you want to publish a Kindle Single?

The description on Amazon’s Kindle Publishing how-to page makes publishing a Kindle Single sound relatively simple: “Publishers interested in submitting their KDP-published short content for consideration as a Kindle Single should email with a description of the content, the ASIN of the title in the Kindle Store, and their KDP account email address.” But […]

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