Freelancer’s Survival Guide Master Class next weekend in Vancouver

If you live in the Vancouver area and are new to freelancing, there’s a crash course coming up this weekend that will teach you everything you need to know to set yourself up as an independent creative worker. Award-winning freelance food and travel journalist (and CMG Freelance Branch president) Don Genova is leading this day-long seminar, called […]

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New Tyee Master Class series includes CMG Freelance-sponsored courses

Vancouver publisher The Tyee has just announced their fall Master Class series and many of the eight upcoming courses will be of great interest to freelancers. CMG Freelance is sponsoring three of the courses, and is offering CMG Freelance members a $50 discount on the $200 registration fee. Non-members will have the option of signing up for a one-year […]

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CMG Freelance to sponsor Tyee MasterClass on The Art of Crowdfunding

CMG Freelance is teaming up with The Tyee to sponsor a MasterClass on crowdfunding that’s scheduled for Saturday, May 30th. in Vancouver. The workshop, called The Art of Crowdfunding, will be taught by filmmaker and media activist Ian MacKenzie (Occupy Love, Sacred Economics). It promises to “demystify the world of crowdfunding” and offer specific strategies for a […]

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The Tyee’s David Beers talks hiring, growth and the value of freelancers

  by Rachel Sanders David Beers says Canadian journalism is richer because of its freelancers. The former Editor in Chief of the Vancouver-based independent online magazine The Tyee has moved into an executive editor role and the magazine is seeking a new Editor in Chief to bring fresh perspective and energy into the ten-year-old publication. Beers says The Tyee was originally conceived […]

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Advice from Canadian journalists on crafting the “perfect pitch”

Besides being the kind that gets you a “yes” from an editor, what makes a pitch good? An original angle, a custom-tailored scope, timely, articulate, well-researched: all very important characteristics. But what can a writers do to make their queries “perfect”? On April 26 at The HiVE in Vancouver, The Tyee gathered together Gary Stephen […]

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Breaking news, and breaking even (sometimes)

By guest contributor Karen Wirsig It used to be that the capitalists who owned newspapers took care of the money and hired fleets of journalists mostly focused on covering the news. Sure, there were conflicts in this scenario. Lots of them. But it was a generally workable model for reporting to a mass audience and […]

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The new new journalism

Shannon Rupp writes in The Tyee about “the really super new new journalism” in which journalists are “repeaters.” She describes an incident in which an editor paid a freelancer for a piece only to learn that the freelancer had simply put their byline on a press release. Rupp’s not so sure this kind of practice can be condemned […]

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