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Kindle self-publishers, beware

Kindle Direct Publishing has quickly become a popular platform for authors to promote and sell their own work. Whether it’s used to publish full-length books or Singles, KDP lets authors bypass traditional publishing channels and market their writing directly, up to and including setting their own prices. But in KDP’s fine print is a clause […]

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Event: Better Watchdog Workshop, November 5 & 6 at Ryerson

The group Investigative Reporters & Editors, partnering with the Ryerson University School of Journalism and the Canadian Association of Journalists Educational Foundation, is bringing its Better Watchdog Workshop to Toronto. Sponsored by the Toronto Star, the two-day workshop will focus on investigative journalism skills, including tips on online research, developing sources, how to deal with […]

Too close for comfort?

Canadian author alleges publisher and U.K. writer stole idea for children’s book We recently shared the story of a freelancer who suspected a profile idea she had pitched was stolen by the publication (it turned out that likely wasn’t the case). Losing an idea for a story is one thing, but there are many other […]

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New food-industry site mimics HuffPost‘s “influence as compensation” model

If it worked for the Huffington Post, why can’t it work for Food & Drink Digital? The latter publication’s public relations manager, Jeremy Vara, is sending a message to potential contributor that asks for them to share their expertise with Food & Drink Digital’s “exclusive audience.” Jim Romenesko posted the email he received from Vara […]

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To blog, or not to blog, that is the Born Freelancer’s question

This series of posts by the Born Freelancer will share personal experiences and thoughts on issues relevant to freelancers. Have something to add to the conversation? Your input is welcome in the comments. I’m told that blogging is dead in this era of tweets and retweets. I must respectfully disagree. It may be long dead […]

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Patricia Pearson lands a piece in the New Yorker, with help from CWG

Getting a humour piece into the New Yorker is no easy feat, and it takes a special kind of writer to meet the magazine’s sky-high standards. Patricia Pearson, who is represented by the Canadian Writers Group, is one of those writers. Her piece “History: The Customer Reviews” made it into the October 17 issue of […]

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How to handle “idea theft”

This week on the Toronto Freelance Editors and Writers email list, a member asked the group for advice on a tricky situation. It’s a familiar one to most freelance writers and many editors who work with both freelance and staff writers. This writer had pitched a profile of a young entrepreneur to a weekly community […]

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Writers and Editors Voice Support for Occupy Movement is providing a platform for authors and editors who want to lend their names, and their work, to the Occupy Movement. As of today, more than 900 names are listed on the site under the statement: “We, the undersigned writers and all who will join us, support Occupy Wall Street and the Occupy Movement […]

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LCBO partners with CWG and its writers for new Whisky Rocks magazine

As part of an innovative partnership, one agency’s writers exclusively created the copy for the Liquor Control Board of Ontario’s soon-to-be-released magazine, Whisky Rocks. The Canadian Writers Group is the LCBO’s copy partner for the 40-page magazine, which will be distributed across Ontario on October 22 in the Globe and Mail, National Post, and Toronto […]

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On relationships, pie charts, and SEO: How to pitch stories to editors

A guest post by Daniela DiStefano The Toronto Chapter of the Professional Writers Association kicked off its 2011/2012 Professional Development Series Wednesday night at the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre with the season’s first seminar, “Getting Yes: How to Pitch Stories to Editors.” Chapter president Jaclyn Law hosted the panel of editors, Rani Sheen (FASHION), […]

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