CMG resolves complaint, gets freelancer paid

The Canadian Media Guild helped get a CBC freelancer paid this week. The freelancer had not been paid the appropriate rate for several years and had never been asked to sign a contract. Despite the fact that the problems occurred a number of years ago, the CMG settled the dispute and managed to negotiate appropriate […]

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CFU makes progress in negotiations over Canada Wide Media contract

A couple of months ago, we brought you details of Canada Wide Media’s new freelance contract. The contract raised a number of concerns for writers — concerns that include a lack of specifics regarding kill fees, a lengthy waiting period for submission approval, the lack of specific wording related to e-book rights, and a clause that attempts to […]

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Some progress for Toronto Star freelancers

At a meeting last week with a coalition of freelancers, Toronto Star management confirmed that it has removed a clause from the contract for contributors to the Grid. The clause was intended to shield the publication from libel, placing more responsibility on the freelancer. The coalition, including members of the Canadian Media Guild, the Canadian […]

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Striking workers on the air with Radio Free Saint John

After nearly a month on the picket line, the seven striking employees of MBS Radio have been back on the air for the past few days. The striking members of the Canadian Media Guild are broadcasting from a web-based station called Radio Free Saint John, playing music as well as using the internet airwaves to […]

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New York State considers legislation to help freelancers with deadbeat clients

When an unpaid invoice is gathering dust, and numerous emails, phone calls, threatening letters and even “F*ck you. Pay me” hasn’t worked, where is a jilted freelancer to turn? Our friends south of the border are hoping that they can turn to their government for backup, reports the Star. New York State’s legislative assembly has […]

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Canadian Writers Group launches ebook venture with Russell Smith’s Blindsided

In May last year, the Canadian Writers Group’s Derek Finkle was talking about the need for a long-form journalism platform in Canada similar to sites like Byliner and The Atavist operating in the U.S. This week, CWG launched a series of non-fiction ebooks with novelist and Globe columnist Russell Smith’s Blindsided, a story of about […]

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Settlement reached between writer Patricia Pearson and Rogers Publishing

When freelancer Patricia Pearson wrote an article called “It’s Just Nuts” for Chatelaine in 2009, she probably didn’t think a dispute that followed from that piece would end more than two year later. But late last year Pearson — with the help of legal representation from the Canadian Media Guild and support from the Canadian […]

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CWG negotiates new deal with Reader’s Digest

It doesn’t happen every day, so when writers make gains after negotiating with a publication, it’s a story worth sharing. Working with Reader’s Digest managing editor Derek Webster, Derek Finkle negotiated a new pay grid on behalf of writers represented by the Canadian Writers Group this fall. Shortly before Webster left the magazine in October, […]

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Patricia Pearson lands a piece in the New Yorker, with help from CWG

Getting a humour piece into the New Yorker is no easy feat, and it takes a special kind of writer to meet the magazine’s sky-high standards. Patricia Pearson, who is represented by the Canadian Writers Group, is one of those writers. Her piece “History: The Customer Reviews” made it into the October 17 issue of […]

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Final decision handed down in latest Robertson class action suit

For better or worse, the ongoing series of “Robertson v. _____” cases continues. On May 2, a final decision was handed down in the case of “Robertson v. Proquest, Cedrom, Toronto Star Newspapers, Rogers and Canwest.” (This decision comes after a tentative settlement reached this January.) Heather Robertson and Kirk Baert of the firm Koskie […]

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