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Blabbing with Blatchford

Last night Massey College hosted the third Press Club Night, a series devoted to “celebrating Toronto’s community of journalists.” Well known Globe columnist and author Christie Blatchford sat down with the college’s master, journalist and former chair of the Canadian Journalism Foundation John Fraser, in a snug, book-lined room, with 30 or so others (mostly […]

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Asking Arianna for change

Open letters to publications’ management are a last-ditch tactic to right wrongs and spur change—but as we’ve seen recently, they can be effective. Now, adding his voice to many others asking the Huffington Post to reconsider its approach to compensating writers, comes Bernie Lunzer, president of the Newspaper Guild-CWA, with an open letter to Arianna […]

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Massey College Press Club Night hosts Christie Blatchford

Why not check it out? The last Press Club event proved to be an interesting evening.

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CWG’s Derek Finkle on Nino Ricci’s letter to the Globe

We asked Derek Finkle, founder of the Canadian Writers Group, which represents independent writers, about typical compensation for freelance travel writing and whether it’s common for dailies to leave an invoice unpaid for six months, as the Globe did in Ricci’s case.

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Toronto Standard aims to give web writers a fair shake

Launching April 7, Toronto Standard will join an already crowded field of sites presenting Toronto news. But rather than follow the recent trend of focusing on the hyper-local, the site plans to look outward, editorial director Christopher Frey—founding editor of Outpost Magazine and a writer represented by Canadian Writers Group—told Torontoist. A few writers have […]

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Nino Ricci gives the Globe a thrashing

In an open letter to the Globe posted on his own site, author Nino Ricci feigns concern for the paper’s financial situation while castigating them for failing to pay him for a travel story published six months ago.

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Freelance court interpreters take action (updated)

In most cases, if a journalist makes an error, the consequences are little more than embarrassment and a correction. But court interpreters go to work knowing that their mistakes could send someone an innocent person to jail or set a guilty defendent free. It’s a high-pressure role, and a group of freelance court interpreters in […]

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So you want to publish a Kindle Single?

The description on Amazon’s Kindle Publishing how-to page makes publishing a Kindle Single sound relatively simple: “Publishers interested in submitting their KDP-published short content for consideration as a Kindle Single should email with a description of the content, the ASIN of the title in the Kindle Store, and their KDP account email address.” But […]

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Newspaper Guild-CWA advocating on behalf of unpaid HuffPo writers has posted a press release from the Newspaper Guild-CWA in which it asks writers who contribute work to the Huffington Post for free to cease doing so until the company agrees to start compensating them. The Guild’s request follows the Huffington’s Post‘s recent $350 million buyout by AOL, and it’s not the first call […]

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Not all news jobs are created equal

The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, in its own words, a “a nonpartisan ‘fact tank,'” released its State of the Media Report for 2011, an attempt to evaluate the robustness of media in the U.S.

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