Coding + Storytelling = New Hybrid Career

In digital media, the nature of our work never stops changing. Convergence of media and message, technology and worker has never been so intense. We’re all constantly having to stretch our skills in a world of increasingly diversifying expectations.

Journalists are learning to code. Coders are being pushed into the world of storytelling. What opportunities and challenges exist at the intersection of these various skill-sets? And what are we doing to keep up and stay human?

For the latest Digital Media Mixer events on April 24th and 30th, 2014, CMG Freelance invited media, tech, creative and communications workers to hear from peers who are squaring the circle and trying to use these hybrid skills in coding and storytelling to do work that’s meaningful to them.

On April 24th in Vancouver, mixer attendees heard from Hacks/Hackers Vancouver Organizer Miraj Khaled; game designer, researcher, and writer Elizabeth LaPensée; and Fulscrn founder Sean Embury at Rainier Provisions. Then on April 30th, attendees in Toronto gleaned insights from editor William Wolfe-Wylie and freelance animator and indie game perpetrator Sagan Yee in an informal Q&A moderated by journalist Desmond Cole.

Check out the highlights below, and learn more about how CMG Freelance gives freelancers in digital media and beyond a space to nurture their talents and transform freelance work into a more balanced and sustainable livelihood.

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