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Support for freelancers growing as industry vets address growing concerns

Any freelancer stuck in the pulls between financial insecurity, difficult subject matter and the stress and trauma of the job can understand how important their mental health is, but what can they do about addressing these issues?

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12 ways to repurpose old content to create new content

Not everything you craft is going to find a home. Brilliant stories will be rejected. Beautiful paragraphs get cut. Blog posts die on page three of Google. You can’t win them all, but you can recycle, reuse and repurpose.

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The Born Freelancer Speaks Out on Speechwriting

Speechwriting. What I will do is present some of my top tips and thoughts based upon my own experiences. I hope they will provide you with enough motivation to pursue the subject more thoroughly elsewhere.

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Webinar: Stress and Trauma at Work: Let’s Have a Conversation

The impact that stress, trauma and violence can take on our mental health obviously applies to journalists, but also to many other freelancers juggling precarious employment. Stress, trauma and violence take a toll on our mental and physical health. Join us for a conversation with working journalists to discuss ways to deal with these issues. […]

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Finding Better Clients Through Positioning

by Robyn Roste Last year was a good freelance year for me, but by the fourth quarter I was feeling spread thin. In theory I knew what I needed—fewer, higher paying clients—but I was tired of guessing and muddling my way through. I wanted someone to draw me a road map. In December, I hired […]

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Working the side-hustle life as a freelancer

Search side hustles or gig economy on Google and it is easy to be bombarded with lists of the best bang-for-your-buck, low-pressure jobs that will provide supplementary income. And what topped Forbes’ list? Freelancing.

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The Born Freelancer Talks with Joe Mahoney, Author of Adventures in the Radio Trade

Joe Mahoney has seen both sides of the freelancing paradigm. As a CBC Radio employee, engaged in diverse and demanding positions including management, he saw a multitude of freelancers come and go. Recently retired after 35 years with the CBC, today Mahoney faces a new series of challenges as a freelance or self-employed writer, publisher and podcaster.

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Webinar: Empowering You! CFG Experts Panel on Tax Time 2024

It’s that time again: getting ready to file our annual tax returns. What’s changed? What qualifies for expenses? How can you get through this without setting your hair on fire?

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Growth and mistakes: Reflecting on year one as a freelance writer

Reflecting on year one as a freelance writer. This has been the best move of my career. However, this doesn’t mean I still don’t drool over the job postings that pop up on my LinkedIn feed. Or that I’m not worried about the eventually slow times that will creep up.

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Why Freelancers in Marketing and Communications Should Have an Email List

by Robyn Roste If you spend any time studying online marketing you’ve come across advice to start an email list. And if you’re a typical freelancer who gets most of your work from referrals you may think you don’t need one. I get it. On the surface it doesn’t make sense. Why would you collect […]

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