Freelancer Organization Tips

by Robyn Roste When I began freelancing things were straightforward. Someone would ask me for an article and I would write it. I’d write whenever I felt like it and I’d invoice when I remembered. It sort of worked. But when I decided I wanted to make a real go of freelancing, I realized I […]

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The Five Key Steps to Finishing a Freelance Project

by Rebecca Hass Working as freelancers, we often feel that once we have a job the hard part is done. But in the roller coaster emotional ride of our work we often feel insecure about what we have created, overwhelmed by what we have to get done on a deadline and, eventually, burnt out. How to […]

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How I learned to ‘bend time’ and put in an honest workday

By Angie Gallop I’m a mother with two children under age five, a writer, the co-owner (with my husband) of a thriving freelance business and, oh… did I mention I run a small literary festival? Between asking my four-year-old to stop wiggling so I can get her hair brushed; getting the 22 month-old into a new […]

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Motivation and its evil twin: procrastination

by Lesley Evans Ogden   To make a go of it as a freelancer, an abundance of motivation is crucial. But as we all know and hate, motivation doesn’t come in steady waves. It tends to ebb and flow over time, sometimes waning when we need it the most. Procrastination is one of those nasty […]

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Time management tips for freelancers

by Lesley Evans Ogden   Start the clock. Time management. Blog post. Story Board. Click. The Toggl timer is ticking, and while you spend precious time here, I’ll share with you some of the useful nuggets about time management that I recently learned at Courage Camp for freelancers. The camp was led by freelance journalist […]

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Time management for freelancers

My bookmarked list of “interesting links to follow later” has piled up higher and deeper than ever lately. There never seems to be enough time to read through them all.  Ironically, half of them seem to be about time management for freelancers. I guess sometimes you have to spend time to save time, so I’ve […]

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