Privacy and digital security at the border

By Shelley Pascual

Though media workers such as journalists and filmmakers have long faced occupational and digital security and privacy issues while crossing international borders, new challenges to the way they do their work have recently emerged.

Now, you might also encounter challenges when you arrive in your country of origin, said Harlo Holmes, the director of newsroom digital security at the Freedom of the Press Foundation.

Holmes led an evening workshop in Toronto at Ryerson University’s Transmedia Zone on June 12th which covered common privacy and security scenarios media workers might face at borders. Participants in the interactive workshop also got tips on the tools they need in order to protect their work.

Community-based organization Off Assignment Toronto hosted the workshop. It was sponsored, in part, by CMG Freelance and CJFE.

Here’s a summary of the key points Holmes mentioned:

The importance of digital security

Border considerations

Threat modelling

Jonathan Stray’s 4-question threat model can help you determine what you have to protect and from whom. Trainers sometimes add a fifth question to address what you can do right now to increase your security.

Password management

Browsing the web securely

Choosing an end-to-end encrypted service that’s right for you


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