Canadian Freelance Guild announces Winter 2022 Webinar Schedule

The Canadian Freelance Guild is pleased to announce its Winter 2022 webinar schedule. You’ve missed the first one, but it is now available for purchase (just $10) in the CFG Video-On-Demand portal.  The first webinar was Managing Your Social Media Expectations, with Rebecca Coleman.












In this hour-long session, Rebecca looked at the different social networks and which ones may be important for freelancers to participate in,  talked about some best practices for those platforms, and then there was a great Q&A to help answer all your social media questions!

Rebecca Coleman teaches Social Media Marketing at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), and is a Social MediaStrategist. She is also a blogger and the published author of two cookbooks, and regularly contributes to the GoDaddy Marketing Blog.

CFG members can look in the Webinars section of your website to get a code to reduce your payment to $5.




LinkedIn Learning is a resource that contains thousands of training videos to help you learn skills across many disciplines. A personal account is free of charge to you as a member of the Canadian Media Guild. Contact us to find out how to apply.

You’ll get a basic introduction to the learning platform, our presenter will talk about his experience, what he liked and what he’d change. Then he’ll take us through snippets of courses that he thinks are of value to freelancers and do some live searches on topics that participants ask about.


Our presenter is Michael Strickland, CFG founding member, is a writer/editor, strategic storyteller, and story coach. He began his career as a print and TV journalist. Today, he freelances stories that capture his interest while at the same time helping others share their strategic stories.

Online: Thursday, January 20th

7pm-8pm Eastern Time

$5 for members
$15 for non-members

The event link is: Promo codes for members of CMG Freelance and SATW-Canada are available from your respective organizations.

Thursday, February 3rd: Investing Basics for Freelancers
This co-presented webinar will focus on the two main retirement saving vehicles for freelancers: RRSPs and TFSAs. Helen and Rita will cover the key benefits and also the potential pitfalls of each, including ways to maximize tax efficiency in asset allocation. The 20-30-minute presentation will be followed by a Q&A.

Our Presenters:

Rita Silvan, Chartered Investment Manager, is an award-winning former publishing executive who has held leadership positions in print and digital publications. Her freelance writing has appeared in RBC’s Inspired Investor, The National Post, The Globe and Mail, The Toronto Star, and many more. She’s passionate about personal finance and investing as a means to a happy and self-empowered life.

Helen Burnett-Nichols is a Hamilton, Ont.-based freelance writer with more than15 years of experience covering investment, business, legal and personal finance topics. Her work has appeared in publications such as The Globe and Mail, National Post Legal Post, Golden Girl Finance, Benefits Canada, SAGE Magazine, EY Reporting and Tangerine Bank’s ‘Forward Thinking’ brand. Helen completed the Canadian Securities Course in 2010.

Online: Thursday, February 3rd

7pm-8pm Eastern Time

$5 for members
$15 for non-members

The event link is: . Promo codes for members of CMG Freelance and SATW-Canada are available from your respective organizations.

Thursday, March 3rd: Tax Time for Freelancers

Online – Thursday, March 3rd
1pm to 2pm Eastern Time
$5 for members, $15 for non-members

From the moment the clock ticked midnight on December 31st your financial affairs, for the most part, of 2021, came to an end. All the receipts and bills and invoices you’ve been throwing into the big shoebox (or however you track your finances) are basically done for the year and it’s time to start the preparation to make your peace with the CRA.

Learn how to navigate the tax return minefield with Shannon Lee Simmons, founder of the New School of Finance. She’ll do a deep dive on eligible deductions from your income, G/HST returns, income from foreign sources and yes, what to do if indeed you end up taking that shoebox full of receipts to a tax professional.

This session is structured with lots of room for questions, and your chances of getting them answered are increased if you send them to CFG Organizer Don Genova in advance.

The event link is: . Promo codes for members of CMG Freelance and SATW-Canada are available from your respective organizations.


Thursday, March 17th: Understanding Freelance Contracts

This panel will explain common freelance contract clauses and terminology, including the most dangerous clauses freelancers are often asked to agree to when it comes to indemnity and liability. Our panelists will also discuss how to make counteroffers and negotiation tips on language and payment.


Our Panelists (more tba):

As a creative entrepreneur and organization co-founder, Tracey Arial has thirty years of experience dealing with contracts.

Don Genova is the CFG’s organizer and former president of CMG Freelance, where he negotiated contracts with the CBC along with his freelance writing and broadcasting outside of the Corporation. He currently is the Guild’s chief advice-giver when it comes to reviewing contracts for members.

Online: Thursday, March 17th

7pm-8pm Eastern Time

$5 for members
$15 for non-members

The event link is: . Promo codes for members of CMG Freelance and SATW-Canada are available from your respective organizations.

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2022 National Magazine Awards Call For Entries

Call for Entries

Call for Entries to the 45th annual National Magazine Awards is open. This year, there are 28 categories and nine additional cross-program categories Canadian content creators and magazines can submit their original work to, for the chance to be recognized by Canada’s most prestigious media awards organization. The 2022 NMAs will also feature two special awards: Magazine Grand Prix and the Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement.


The Early Bird Rate offer ends on January 14, 2022 and the final submission deadline is January 21, 2022 at midnight (ET). Note that the deadline for the Foundation Award for Outstanding Achievement is March 2, 2022, and entries submitted after this date must be emailed to


The 28 National Magazine Awards‘ categories are divided into three distinct award groups: Writing & Visual Awards, Editorial Awards, and Grand Prix: Best Magazine Awards.

The nine additional cross-program awards are open to applicants of both the Digital Publishing Awards and National Magazine Awards: B2B, as well as applicants of the NMAs. For this cross-program initiative, all entries in each category will be evaluated by a single panel of judges, and one winner will be announced per each category below:

  • Best Editorial Newsletter
  • Best Podcast: Current Affairs
  • Best Podcast: Arts, Culture and Society
  • Best Online Video: Short
  • Best Online Video: Feature
  • Best Online Video: Mini-Doc
  • Best Arts & Culture Storytelling
  • Best Science & Technology Storytelling
  • Best Column

In response to the challenges surrounding COVID-19, no hard copies are required for the 2022 NMAs and all entry materials are to be uploaded via the online submission portal.

Submit Your Entries

Support for Freelancers and Small Magazines

Independent writers and creators are entitled to an exclusive promotion under the Freelancer Support Fund, which allows them to get two entries for the price of one. The promotion only applies to two entries in the Writing & Visual Award group. For more details on eligibility and how to access the promotion, click here.

Magazines whose annual revenue is $200,000 or less are also eligible to receive two entries for the price of one under the Small Magazine Rebate. Funds are limited and offered on a first come, first served basis, so be sure to apply early.

Sister Programs
Digital & B2B

Don’t see a National Magazine Awards category that fits your work? Try the Digital Publishing Awards, where Canadian digital publishers and creators are invited to submit their content to 24 different digital categories. If you’re looking to submit business-to-business content, be sure to check out the National Magazine Awards: B2B’s 18 unique categories.

Apply to be a Juror

We welcome applications from people who bring different perspectives to the judging process—from established industry leaders to celebrated emerging talents. We are also committed to addressing systemic racism and structural biases in Canadian media by ensuring that our judging panels are reflective of Canada’s cultural diversity.

Judging will take place in February and March, 2022. To volunteer as a judge, please apply using the form on our website. If you have any questions about how to apply or the rest of the judging process, please email us at

Apply to be a Juror

About Us

A charitable foundation, the NMAF’s mandate is to recognize, support and promote excellence in content creation of Canadian print and digital publications through annual programs of awards, professional development and national publicity efforts. The Foundation produces three distinct and bilingual award programs: the National Magazine Awards, the Digital Publishing Awards, and the National Magazine Awards: B2B.

Click to Donate


The National Media Awards Foundation is incredibly grateful for the support of the Government of  Canada, the Ontario Arts Council and Ontario Creates. A special thank you to the Vicky Lee, who created this year’s stunning visuals.

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A note from the departing Story Board editor

      Rachel Sanders

It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly a decade, but I became the editor of Story Board in July of 2012. I was fully freelance at that point, fitting writing assignments in between snack time, loads of laundry, school drop-offs, and all of the other work involved in raising two small children.

Now, after nearly ten years of satisfying and meaningful work, I’m leaving this role for a full-time job in journalism.

The work I’ve done here has meant a lot to me. It’s provided some income stability — a key to success for many freelancers. And I’ve also learned an enormous amount from the dozens of freelancers I’ve spoken with for Story Board, as well as the ones I forged relationships with through my membership in the Canadian Freelance Guild.

I wanted to leave a parting note to highlight a few great things on this blog to show how it is a very good resource for Canadian freelancers.
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2022 Travers Fellowship open for applications

Applications are now open for the 2022 Travers Fellowship, an international reporting bursary that helps finance foreign reporting projects by Canadian journalists working in any medium.

Freelancers, students enrolled in a graduate level journalism or equivalent program, and full-time journalists are welcome to apply for the fellowship, which provides a $25,000 award to cover travel, reporting and research expenses, and a stipend. Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, applicants are advised to keep in mind that travel may be difficult, and should frame their applications accordingly.

The fellowship is named after Jim Travers, a reporter, foreign correspondent, and former editor of The Ottawa Citizen who spent six years reporting from Africa and the Middle East. When Travers died in 2011, his friends and colleagues created the fellowship to commemorate his contribution to Canadian journalism. The award is administered by Carleton University.

The application deadline is Monday March 7, 2022 at 12 p.m. (noon) ETMore information and application instructions are available on the Travers Fellowship website.

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Webinar: Managing Your Social Media Expectations

You’ve probably been told or felt some pressure as a freelancer to create and maintain a social media presence to help you find work and promote the work you have. Are you getting the most out of your time spent on these platforms?

In this hour-long session, we’ll look at the different social networks and which ones may be important for you to participate in, we’ll talk about some best practices for those platforms, and then have an extensive Q&A to help answer all your social media questions!

Our Presenter:

Rebecca Coleman teaches Social Media Marketing at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), and is a Social MediaStrategist. She is also a blogger and the published author of two cookbooks, and regularly contributes to the GoDaddy Marketing Blog.

Online: Thursday, January 6th

6pm to 7pm Eastern Time

$5 for members

$15 for non-members

This session is structured with lots of room for questions, and your chances of getting them answered are increased if you send them to CFG Organizer Don Genova  in advance.

You can register for this webinar right here.

And you can find more information about the cost and benefits of membership in the CFG on this webpage.

The link to the Zoom webinar will be sent to you via email about half an hour before the start time.

Please check your spam or junk folders if you can’t find the email, and contact if you haven’t received the link 10 minutes before the scheduled start time

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Freelance tax time webinar now available for streaming

Not too many freelancers are thinking about taxes in December, but it’s actually the perfect time to start putting your financial matters in order for 2022 and your 2021 tax return.

CFG Organizer Don Genova and Shannon Lee Simmons from the New School of Finance covered a lot of ground in a recent webinar about freelance taxes, everything from what kind of year-end expenditures you should plan on making, how to check estimates on taxes owing to ensure you’re on track, and how RRSP season can fit into your plans.

And we threw in some questions about foreign income and how to deal with collecting and paying H/GST when necessary.

CFG members should log into the Webinars page on the CFG Website to get the code to reduce the fee to $5.

Non-members are welcome to access the recording for $10 and can go directly to the CFG pay-per-view website.

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CFG Holiday Mixer happens this week!

CFG members, you’re invited to join the Board of Directors for our First Annual Holiday Mixer. We’ll look back on another strange year and look ahead to a ‘new normal’, if there will ever be such a thing.

To help stimulate the conversation CFG member and communications strategist Robyn Roste will lead us through some suggestions on how to survey your freelance business over 2021 and shape your decisions to come for 2022.

Friday, December 17th
4pm Eastern Time (chat room opens at around 3:30)
On ‘The Zoom’

To register, check your email inbox for the invitation that went out on December 2. Or you can click this link to find the registration page.

These casual sessions are always your chance to tell us what you’d like to see on the menu in the coming weeks and months.

NOTE: Your link to the session will be e-mailed to you around half an hour before the start time on Friday. Check your junk or spam mail folders if it’s not in your inbox! And please don’t register at the last minute. You will have missed the outgoing link email.

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Rory Peck Trust launches free trauma and resilience workshops for freelance journalists

The Rory Peck Trust, a U.K.-based organization that provides support to freelance journalists, has launched a new program that offers free workshops on dealing with trauma and building resilience.

The workshops are aimed at freelancers who work in hostile environments or regularly cover difficult and potentially traumatic events. The organization is offering the workshops in a variety of languages over the next year. Registration is now open for workshops on January 11th and 13th, 2022 that will be held in English. They will be two hours long, and will be led by specialized journalist trainers.

Freelance journalists from all over the world whose sole source of income is in media, and who have been working as freelancers for at least the last 12 months, are eligible to apply. The deadline for applications is December 12.

The Rory Peck Trust is also launching a trauma therapy fund for freelance journalists that need support to cover the cost of therapy. The fund opens for applications on January 17, 2022.

You can find out more about both programs on the Rory Peck Trust website

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45th annual National Magazine Awards open for submissions

If you freelance for magazines as a writer, photographer or illustrator you’re eligible to submit your work for the 2022 National Magazine Awards, which opened for entries this week.

This year there are 17 writing and visual award categories, which include feature writing, investigative reporting, fiction, photography and more. The gold medal winner in each category receives a $1000 cash prize.

Entries are also now open for the National Media Awards Foundation’s Digital Publishing Awards, which include several online writing categories as well as video and podcasting awards.

If your publisher isn’t planning to submit your work, you can submit it yourself. The awards foundation offers freelancers a discount on entry fees with the Freelancer Support Fund, which allows freelancers to submit two entries for the price of one.

The call for entries for the National Magazine Awards is open until January 21, 2022. The Digital Publishing Awards close on January 28, 2022.

For more information about the categories, rules, and submissions process, check out the National Magazine Awards Foundation’s website.

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The Born Freelancer Tackles an Age-old Prejudice

This series of posts by the Born Freelancer shares personal experiences and thoughts on issues relevant to freelancers. Have something to add to the conversation? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.



It’s probably the last great prejudice allowed to promulgate without challenge.

Indeed, if attempts are ever made to reproach its proponents, the response is usually full of derision and scorn. “Can’t you take a joke”?

Worse than that, it is frequently hidden or downplayed. How can you fight a prejudice that isn’t even openly acknowledged?

I was always taught to believe that traditional media typically reflects attitudes already prevalent amongst the general population. Therefore it is perhaps not surprising that too much contemporary media is an unashamed participant in, and promoter of, ageist values.

After all, it’s what we learn from the beginning.

It starts when you’re a newbie trying to break into media. You’re too young, the gatekeepers say, meaning too inexperienced. This is perhaps the most benign form of ageism you will ever encounter in your career.

You quickly grow out of it.

It’s not so benign at the other end of the age spectrum

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