The Reluctant Editor’s social media code of conduct

What happens when a freelance writer switches teams? This post from a Canadian freelance writer-cum-editor explores some of the challenges of sitting in the editor’s chair. Writers, take heed: this valuable insider info may help smooth the way with the editors in your life.   The great connector If you’re a writer, journalist, critic, or […]

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A Pinterest primer for curious journalists and writers

Another social network. If you’re already fatigued by Tweeting, Facebooking and Tumblring every time you publish a new story or photo, the suggestion you should “pin” it too might sound downright exhausting (and redundant). But some news organizations and journalists on Pinterest—where users pin images and text to boards organized by subject—are finding it’s an […]

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Steve Buttry to newsroom curmudgeons: Cut it out

Do you find yourself cursing the sad state of journalism today, wondering why people waste time with Twitter, or proclaiming End Times when journalism schools cut courses on spelling and grammar? Probably not, if you’re reading posts here (at least not the social media part). But if you haven’t seen it yet — and whether […]

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Tumblring toward success

Should I be using Tumblr? It’s the question freelancers ask themselves every time they come across another social network or media platform and read that ______ is the new Twitter, or _______ is the best way to find sources, to find out about new gigs, or to reach out to readers. It’s tempting to jump […]

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Say goodbye to the discerning journalist, or “Kids these days…”

“Does it matter where a story comes from, as long as it makes the news? Apparently it doesn’t matter at all, to many of the latest crop of journalism students who believe their smart phones hold the keys to truth.” So begins Lynne Russell’s post for MediaShift on the iPod-listenin’, tweet-believin’, smartphone-clutchin’  journalism students at […]

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Is Google+ for you?

Google+ is still very new, but it’s a big deal in the online world right now, especially amongst journalists. Some people are saying it’s the fastest-growing social network ever and it poses a threat to both Facebook and Twitter. On, you can read about five ways journalists are using Google+, namely: Talking about Google+ […]

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Personal branding: a new “must” for journalists?

If there are any social media marketing types on your radar, especially the sort who call themselves “gurus,” you’ve likely already heard of personal branding. For those unfamiliar with the concept, it’s “the process whereby people and their careers are marked as brands.” Simply put, it’s a way of molding and manipulating the way people […]

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What can Storify do for freelancers?

In this post on tech blog GigaOM, Mathew Ingram discusses the recently launched application Storify, which gives users a simple way to collect content from their various social media feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc.) and turn them into a single news feed. Ingram’s post focuses on the threat that services like Storify pose to mainstream […]

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