Time management for freelancers

My bookmarked list of “interesting links to follow later” has piled up higher and deeper than ever lately. There never seems to be enough time to read through them all. 

Ironically, half of them seem to be about time management for freelancers. I guess sometimes you have to spend time to save time, so I’ve clicked some links and compiled a few of the most useful time-saving tips I found.


• The Tyee’s Freelance Survival Series is a boon for Vancouver freelancers. Luckily for the rest of you, they post videos and summaries of their events afterwards. Here’s a list of the tips offered at their most recent event: Thirteen Habits of Highly Effective Freelance Journalists.

• Edmonton freelance writer and editor Omar Mouallem gave a seminar on digital tools for writers this month for the Alberta Magazine Publishers Association. Several of his tips will help you save time and get organized. Here’s a great roundup of his advice.

• How do you spend the first hour of your work day? Do you check your email? According to this article from Fast Company magazine, you ought to cut that out.

• This is an older article and written with freelance designers in mind, but these 13 Principles of Effective Time Management for Freelancers are all highly relevant to freelance writers as well.


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